Nov .  2014



Theatre Education and Training Committee – TECOM

The TECOM is concerned with the teaching of theatre and with teacher training. It accomplishes its task through themed meetings and workshops aimed especially at young professionals. It works in partnership with the ITI /UNESCO Chair of Theatre. One of the projects of TECOM is the World Theatre Training Library, a ten volume collection of exercises for actors and theatre makers.

Executive Committee
President: Apostolos APOSTOLIDES, Cyprus, apostolos(at)
Vice-Presidents: Arsenio Nick LIZASO, Philippines, nlizaso888(at)
Shafi AHMED, Bangladesh, acea(at)
Peter GOLDFARB, USA, peter(at)
Emre ERDEM, Turkey, Ambassador to European Capitals of Culture, emre.erdem(at)
Secretary: Marine LIARD, Belgium F, marine(at)

Board Members
Carlos CELDRAN, Cuba, argost(at)
Jean-Henri DRÈZE, Belgium F, jean.henri.dreze(at)
Corneliu DUMITRIU, ITI/UNESCO Chair, Romania, unescochair.iti(at)
Mario ESPINOSA, Mexico, marioespinosaricalde(at)
Derek GOLDMAN, USA, dergold(at)
Maria S. HORNE, USA, marhorne(at)
Hamoudou MANDE, Burkina Faso, theatrecorneille(at)
Viktor MELKINOV, Denmark, viktormelnikov(at)
Zelimir MESARIC, Croatia, zmesaric(at)
Andrea PACIOTTO, Italy, info(at)
Florian REICHERT, Switzerland, florian.reichert(at)
Christine SCHMALOR, Germany, schmalor(at); akt.zent(at)
Jeffrey SICHEL, USA, unescochair.iti.usa(at)     




Collaboration on the ITI project World Theatre Training Library / Laboratory conducted by AKT-ZENT Research Centre.

Ongoing Projects

METHODIKA, International Festival for Theatre Training Methods; Next Methodika scheduled for 2012/13 in Cyprus.


  • Istropolitana Bratislava, Slovakia: biennial International Festival of Higher Institutions of Theatre Education. The organizer of Istropolitana informed TECOM of their interest to re-install closer collaboration in the future.
  • Les Récréatrales, Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso: This 3-months project of Panafrican residency of theatre playwriting, dramaturgy and creation consists of a large one-month programme through several workshops (directing, stage design, actor’s training and playwriting). Its aim is to start from the oral culture in order to lead to the theatrical act and lastly to write plays. It wants to encourage the emerging of new contemporary authors and new dramatic creations by African companies.

New projects of the committee

  • Re-definition of TECOM, its vision and mission.
  • The creation of an International Alternative School of Self-Experiment, which proposes new Forms of theatre, languages, philosophy. Because we need new forms to improve.
  • Creation of a TECOM website to facilitate relations and information sharing between the members and institutions which share our vision.
  • Create a workgroup to interrogate and share the training methods between the Northern and Southern hemispheres.
  • Collaboration between CFRAV (Centre for Training and Research in Performing Arts, Burkina Faso) and the University Company to meet children in Ouagadougou (Burkina Faso) and create together plays inspired by their own lives. 3 objectives for this project: to bring the artists to meet children; to bring children in contact with theatre; to demonstrate that artistic education is not impossible in Burkina Faso.