Traditional Performing Arts Forum – TPAF

The Traditional Performing Arts Forum has met two times so far, once in Guangzhou and the second time in Yunchan just before the Congress. In keeping with the rules of TPAF, a board and plans were approved just before the Congress, and because its coordinator, JI Guoping, was not able to stay longer at the Congress due to professional obligations, there was no plan to have a meeting at the Congress. Maybe that was not clear to everyone at the time.

The plans for 2017-2020 are:

• To create further meetings and events for TPAF and experts in traditional performing arts.
• To create a traditional performing arts festival.
• To continue to the TPAF newsletter.
• To enlarge the membership in TPAF.

(Elected in Yunchan just before the Congress)

Board Members and Members
JI Guoping, China - President
Abdus SELIM, Bangladesh
Levan KHETAGURI, Georgia
Anshuman BHOWMICK, India
Taeko NAGAI, Japan
Sarantuya SAMBUU, Mongolia
Savas PATSALIDIS, Greece
Christina NYGREN, Sweden
Intigam SOLTAN HASANLI, Azerbaijan
MAO Fredric, Hongkong, China
Chua SOO PONG, Singapore
Rathna PUSHPA KUMARI, Sri Lanka

Join the Network / Newsletter / Contact
If you would like to receive the newsletter, take part in the activities or be a board member or corresponding member of TPAF please write to PANG Jinlai pangjinlai(at) or WANG Ling ctawangling(at), both are members of the Chinese Centre of ITI.