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Samiha AYOUB, Egypt
World Theatre Day Message Author for 2023
It is our great pleasure and honour to officially announce that Samiha AYOUB from Egypt, the outstanding Egyptian actress, has been selected to write the World Theatre Day Message for 2023. Here you find the Message and biography as well as two photos:
• World Theatre Day Message 2023 in Arabic (original) in PDF and Word
• World Theatre Day Message 2023 in English (translation) in PDF and Word
• World Theatre Day Message 2023 in French (translation) in PDF et Word
• Biography Samiha AYOUB in English as PDF and Word
• Biographie de Samiha AYOUB en français, en PDF et Word
Photo Samiha AYOUB 1 (jpg)
Photo Samiha AYOUB 2 (jpg)
Thanks to All the Organizers and Participants of the 36th ITI World Congress
The 36th ITI World Congress came to a successful conclusion on 25 February 2023 in the City of Fujairah, in the United Arab Emirates. The Congress attracted over 250 international participants from 78 countries around the world. 58 ITI Centres and 12 Committees, Project Groups, Forums and Networks were presented.
All the ITI Members have been waiting for this on-site gathering opportunity for long and the participants have witnessed many dialogues, exchanges and achievements during the Congress. This Congress would not be possible without the great support from our Congress host, the Fujairah government, His Highness, the Crown Prince of Fujairah and of course, each and every one of you, as a participant.
Thank you for all the support and vive ITI!
Stay tuned to the Congress official website and Facebook page, more content and photos during the Congress will be published later.
Director General's Report 2017 – 2022 Available Online Now!
The English and French version of the Director General's Report 2017 - 2022 are available online now.
To view or download the report, please chose your preferred format by clicking on the text below.
Director General's Report 2017 - 2022 English: double page; single page
Director General's Report 2017 - 2022 French: double page; single page
Czech Republic Centre of ITI | 15th Edition of the Prague Quadrennial and Invitation to the PQ+ Program 2023
Application deadline: 15 March 2023
Since 1967, the Prague Quadrennial of Performance Design and Space presents the best works in scenography with emphasis on the self-sufficiency of this artistic field. PQ does not operate merely as a festival, gradually it has evolved into a platform, which explores progressive approaches, new media, virtual spaces and interdisciplinary relations. PQ2023 will introduce artworks from dozens of countries from hundreds of artists within the scope of projects curated by an international PQ team and the main competitive exhibitions.
Registration link: https://form.jotform.com/230405298947363
>>Click here to know more detail information.
Indian Centre of ITI | Open Call for the IAPAR International Theatre Festival 2023
Application deadline: 27 March 2023
Indian Centre of ITI is happy to announce the "Open Call" for the IAPAR International Theatre Festival 2023! After a gap of two long years, here we are yet again opening our doors and inviting you all to join us on this adventure. The IAPAR international Theatre Festival invites applications for this edition of our festival to be scheduled in December 2023! The festival is an official festival of the Indian Centre of ITI.
Please send an email on iapar.festival(at)gmail.com for the detailed application form or call on +91 77750 52719 to know more.
Iranian Centre of ITI | Call for Entry 2nd Pantomime International Theatre Festival in Zanjan, Iran
Application deadline: 21 May 2023
The Iranian Centre of ITI - the Dramatic Arts Centre (DAC) - is pleased to inform you that the 2nd Pantomime International Theatre Festival will take place from 2 to 6 July 2023 in Zanjan, Iran.
>>Click here for more detail information
>>Click here to download the Application Form
Contact: dramatic.artcenter.iran(at)gmail.com ; dac.internationalaffairs(at)theater.ir Website: www.theater.ir/en
Mongolian Centre of ITI | Call for Participation — The Saint Muse 17th International Theatre Festival
Application deadline: 31 May 2023
“Saint Muse 17” International Theatre Festival will be held from 7 to 17 September 2023 under the theme Nomadic Culture in the World Culture in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia.
Saint Muse Academy, the main organizer of the festival, is a member of Mongolian Centre of ITI and has been organizing the festival since 2002. The festival is recognized by the International Theatre Institute, worldwide organization of performing arts and is supported by the Mongolian ITI. The aim of the festival is to bring performing artists together to share ideas and learn from each other to create connections and mutual understanding between theatre groups that is beyond any borders or other limitations.
>>Click here to know more about the Call >>Click here to download the Application Form Please send your application along with the supporting appendixes to itimongolia.sma(at)gmail.com
North Macedonian Centre of ITI | New & First Youth Publication The Lady with a Hat
The North Macedonian Centre of ITI is pleased to present their new and first youth book The Lady with a Hat, by the outstanding Slovenian author Masha Ogrizek. The book is Published by the North Macedonian Centre ITI / PRODUKCIJA.
Masha Ogrizek (1973) is known as the author of reviews, and several of her picture books and a comic album have been published in recent years. The picture book Elephant on a Tree was nominated for the Kristina Brenkova Award in 2014. He also publishes in Ciciban and Galeb magazines. Click here to know more about the author.
>>Click here to know more about the publication.
Slovenian Centre of ITI | Thinking and Rethinking Ballet - Talk with Jennifer Hommans, USA
In 2021 The Slovenian Ballet Artists' Association and the Slovenian Centre of ITI launched a web page section and talks streamed LIVE on YouTube with guests from around the World. On Friday, 27 January 2023 at 3 pm CET (Paris Time), we had a talk with a famous book author Jennifer Hommans (USA) about her recent published influential book about George Balanchine entitled Mr B., George Balanchine's Twentieth Century.
The talk was moderated by Tatjana Ažman, dramaturge, head of the Slovenian Centre of ITI.
>>Click here to watch the Talk and all the past dialogues.
Call for Participation in the 9th Colombo International Theatre Festival – 2023 (CITF) (International Mono Drama Competition)
25 — 31 August 2023, Colombo, Sri Lanka
Application Deadline: 10th April 2023
In Last 3 years, We, Theatre practitioners have been limited to a corner unexpectedly. We were not allowed to meet, have a friendly chat even. It was a hard year for all of us. Anyhow we have to forget the year which was gone. Let us get ready to face the New Year with new expectations. Now our mission is to make our meeting in 2023, a reality.
It is the time for us to get ready. Let us meet at the Colombo International Theatre Festival. CITF 2023 will feature Mono Dramas from across the globe, formal and informal interactions between artists from Sri Lanka and abroad. We would like to warmly invite the interested theatre group to join hands with us in this pearl island.
>>Click here to fill up the Google form for the registration.
>>Click here to know more.
NEXT GENERATION — Incubator for new performance projects
Applications now OPEN!
Deadline: APRIL 18, 2023
An intensive international residential retreat for young theatre and dance creators, designed to give time and support to projects that are still in their initial phase of conception and development.
Next Generation is a special project promoted by C.U.R.A. - Centro Umbro di Residenze Artistiche (supported by The Ministry of Culture and the Umbria Region) created in collaboration with La MaMa ETC in New York and CultureHUB in New York, and ITI (International Theatre Institute, dedicated to younger and emerging performing artists for creating projects in the initial phases of development.
>>Click here to know more. Contact: nextgeneration.cura(at)gmail.com
Call for the SAFest Summer Academy Festival 2023
From 12 to 15 July 2023
The member of the ITI/UNESCO Network for Higher Education, the Civic Academy of Dramatic Arts “Nico Pepe” Italy is glad to announce that the SAFest Summer Academy Festival 2023, which is an international Festival of Theatre Schools, will take place from 12 to 15 July 2023 in Udine, Italy. The theme of the festival is Aria di Teatro (the four elements Air).
The Call for the participation of the ITI/UNESCO Network members is open now.
Application deadline: 31 May 2023
If you have any questions, please send an email to accademiateatrale(at)nicopepe.it
>>Click here to know more about the call.
2022 Gramsci International Prize for Theatre in Prison (7th edition) to Elena Cánovas and the Yeses Theatre Company
TEATRI DELLE DIVERSITÀ (Theatres of Diversities) 23rd edition of the International Conference of the European Review “Catarsi-Teatri delle Diversità” Wednesday, December 28, 2022 /Special online edition
“Catarsi-Teatri delle Diversità” European Magazine in collaboration with Casa Natale Gramsci Association in Ales, Italian Association of Theatre Critics, International Network Theater in Prison (ITI-UNESCO Partner)
>>Click here to read the full announcement.
Celebrate the Year of the Greatest Mimes 2023
The year 2023 is very important for the world of mime, physical theatre and dance, therefore for a huge number of performers and creators around the world.
2023 marks the 100th years of the birth of the llegendary French mime Marcel Marceau (born on 22 March 1923) an 125th years of the birth of the “father of modern mime” Etienne Decroux (born on 19 July 1898) . That is why the members of the World Mime Organization (WMO) have unanimously decided to officially declare the year of 2023 as THE YEAR OF THE GREATEST MIMES
2023 will be a worldwide celebration of the 100th birthday of Marcel Marceau and the 125th birthday of Etienne Decroux.
>>Click here to know more.
The International Theatre Institute ITI, the world’s largest organization for the performing arts, has given its patronage for THE YEAR OF THE GREATEST MIMES. For contributing to the year-long activities or for getting any further information, please contact the World Mime Organisation: office(at)worldmime.org; www.worldmime.org; phone: +381 11 2652 557 or +381 60 0320 169.
Ceremony for Theodoros Terzopoulos – receiving the third Yuri Lyubimov International Theatre Award in Tbilisi, Georgia
After Anatoli Vassiliev and Tadashi Suzuki the third Yuri Lyubimov International Theatre Award has bestowed to Theodoros Terzopoulos, the founder of the Theatre Olympics, eminent Greek theatre director, educator and leader of the Attis Theatre. The Ceremony was organized on 16 October in the Rustaveli Theatre in Tbilisi. >>Click here to know more.
Publication Croatian Theatre
The publication Croatian theatre is written in English and it is used to present the Croatian theatre scene to the international level.
Croatian Theatre 2022 is a part of the Goethe Institute’s international project New Stages Southeast which supporting playwriting and connecting young authors and theatre people from Southeast Europe and Germany to exchange experiences and develop new texts focusing on relevant issues. We published this publication Croatian Theatre with 5 translated Croatian plays. In 2021 Goethe Institute in Croatian and Croatian Centre of ITI selected 5 young playwrights who, mentored by Ivor Martinić, wrote new plays, presented in this issue.
>>Click here to read or download the publication.
December Newsletter of the Iranian Centre of ITI
Considering the importance of crossing geographical boundaries and introducing the capabilities of Iranian drama, performing arts and activities, The Iranian Centre of ITI, Dramatic Arts Center of Iran (DAC) find it necessary to publish the newsletter on a monthly basis. The December Newsletter is available, >>please click here to read or download.
North Macedonian Centre of ITI | 3 ePlays by Filip Grujic (Serbia)
• Where they sing
• Not before 16.30h, neither after 17.00h
• Eben byers’s jaw
Translator (Macedonian language): Ivanka Apostolova Baskar / Publishers: North Macedonian Centre ITI / PRODUKCIJA, Skopje 2022
QUOTATIVE INVERSION – Translation of 3 plays by Filip Grujic (young playwright and writer, winner of the National Sterija Award for Best Playwright 2019, Serbia); he writes about the crisis of the modern man, boy and old man; masculinity in crisis; eroding masculinization; introverted phallusoidity; and the history of the hetero-relations: masculine-feminine. He is one of the most fresh, young voices of contemporary Serbian playwriting.
>>Click here to check out the Official Website.
>>Click here to know more.
North Macedonian Centre of ITI | 4 ePlays by Simona Semenic (Slovenia)
• Beautiful vidas, they burn beautiful
• 1980
• You are a miracle
• That apple of gold
Translator (Macedonian language): Ivanka Apostolova Baskar / Publishers: North Macedonian Centre ITI / PRODUKCIJA, Skopje 2022
LOCATIVE INVERSION – Dramatic literary translation of 4 plays by Simona Semenić (Grum awarded author/contemporary feminist dramaturgy, Slovenia). She writes about women from the perspective of age, profession, social role of women, class, history and heritage of women). She is one of the most inspiring, unique figures in contemporary European and Slovenian playwriting. >>Click here to check out her Official Website.
>>Click here to know more.
e-anthology: I AM NOT DEAD, ILL AND FAMOUS (Macedonian playwriting, 2010-2022)
The e-anthology composed of 25 authors/Macedonian playwriters from 2010 to 2022. 13 Female and 12 Male point of views in the dramatic anthology. Publishers: North Macedonian Centre ITI / PRODUKCIJA, Skopje 2022
Publication of contemporary, experimental and modern classic dramatic texts in English and Macedonian language (created from 2010 until 2022) in the form of electronic books in PDF on CD.
Goal: Internationalization of theatrical forms in North Macedonia.
Purpose: International visibility of contemporary playwrights and authors who works and creates in North Macedonia.
>>Click here to know more.
AITU-IUTA - International University Theatre Association
The second volume of the series ─ Theatre and University
Theatre Programs and Creative Research: Nine International Views
The second volume of the "Theatre and University" Series has been published in in English / French / Spanish by the International University Theatre Association (IUTA-AITU) for the "Nuove Catarsi Editions" by the Aenigma University Theatre of Urbino in connection of the European Journal "Catarsi, Teatri delle diversità" (Catharsis, Theatres of Diversities).
The general theme of the scholarly research presented in this book is framed by the objectives of our series dedicated to University Theatre, which studies the wide range of theatre pedagogy, creation, research, and the management of performance activities, processes, and meetings.
>>Click here to download or read the publication in trilingual.
Chinese Performing Arts – Issue 5, dedicated to the Cantonese Yueju
This No. 5 Issue focuses on the development and the studies of Cantonese Yueju Opera. Rooted in the Cantonese-speaking provinces of Guangdong and Guangxi in south-eastern China, Cantonese Yueju opera is characterized by a combination of string and percussion instruments, with elaborate costumes and face painting. It also incorporates stunts and fights using real weapons and drawing on the Shaolin martial arts, as illustrated by the central Wenwusheng role that demands proficiency in both singing and fighting. Yueju opera is popular throughout China and provides a cultural bond among Cantonese speakers in the country and abroad. In 2009, the art form was inscribed on the Representative List of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity of UNESCO.
>>Click here to download or read the publication.
Mondiacult 2022: States adopt historic Declaration for Culture
Mondiacult 2022, the largest world conference devoted to culture in the last 40 years, brought together nearly 2,600 participants over three days in Mexico City. At UNESCO’s and Mexico’s invitation, 150 States sent delegations to the conference, 135 of them were represented at the highest level by ministers of culture.
Culture has a fundamental role in our societies. Through culture people can discover their common humanity and become free and enlightened citizens. Yet, despite progress, it still does not have the place it deserves in public policies and international cooperation. Mondiacult 2022 is a powerful signal to change this. The Declaration adopted today is a commitment to action.
For accessing the full declaration in the six main UNESCO languages, please click on your preferred language below:
Français / French
Español / Spanish
Русский / Russian
العربية / Arabic
中文/ Chinese
Watch some of the events on the Mondiacult website, please click here.
Mondiacult Publication – Resiliart 100
During the Mondiacult Event in Mexico, the publication ResiliArt 100 was released. It contains statements by Ms Audrey Azoulay, DG UNESCO, statistics and statements of 100 culture personalities from all over the world such as from Mohamed Saif Al-Afkham, President ITI worldwide (page 125), and Hamadu Mandé (page 104), Vice-President ITI worldwide.
You can download the publication (only in English) by clicking here.
Emerging Scenes in Africa 2022 a resounding success!
The second edition of Emerging Scenes in Africa took place from 25 to 30 September 2022 in Accra, Ghana, under the theme “Promoting innovations for economic development”. Thanks to the success of the first edition this artistic-educational event has since become a flagship activity of the ITI African Regional Council, including training workshops, master classes, conferences, performances and awards ceremonies.
To read the full press, please click here.
For all the event pictures, please visit the official Facebook page: Scenes Emergentes en Afrique
Japanese Centre of ITI | Request for Feedback on Digital Archives of Japanese Theatre
Japanese Centre of International Theatre Institute ITI has been working on a project for preservation and utilisation of video of performing arts in Japan. This project’s aims are to promote commercial distribution by digitally archiving stage performance video and supporting rights handling, and to increase profitability by suggesting new ways to utilise the video through search and portal sites. We would like to ask the Centres of ITI to watch the following two websites: Japan Digital Theatre Archives (JDTA) and STAGE BEYOND BORDERS (SBB)
In order to let Japanese theatre known by people from all over the world, we would like to get feedback on the usability of these two websites (JDTA and SBB) from the perspective of the Centres of ITI who collect information on performing arts internationally on a daily basis.
For further information about the project, please click here.
Theatre Yearbook 2022 – Theatre in Japan
The Japanese Centre of ITI has published “Theatre Yearbook” since 1972, covering developments in the Japanese performing arts. The publication “Theatre Yearbook” has laid a firm foundation for activities that seek to gain knowledge of the relationship between Japan and the world, to deepen mutual understanding by positioning Japan within the global network, and to realize cultural development and peace.
>>Click here to download or read the publication.
Chinese Performing Arts – Issue 4, dedicated to the Yueju
The International Theatre Institute ITI and Shanghai Theatre Academy, member of the ITI/UNESCO Network for Higher Education in the Performing Arts are proud to announce that the fourth edition of the Chinese Performing Arts is now available. The journal covers the topics of today’s stage of China, the spread of Chinese Theatre and the introduction of Chinese plays and artists. This is the fourth issue which focuses on the development and the studies of Yueju, one of the most important forms of Xiqu. The publication includes texts on “Love to Rebellion – The textual adaptations of Xu Jin´s Yueju work “A Dream of Red Mansions”, on the “Female Xiaosheng of Yuejiu, on the Shanghai Yueju House: The Root and the Growing Brach of Chinese Yueju, etc. Chief Editors of the Publication: Gong Baorong and Tobias Biancone.
>>Click here to download or read the publication.
Special Message: Culture and Sustainability from Lemi Ponifasio
Edinburgh International Culture Summit 2022 - Opening Session
The sixth Edinburgh International Culture Summit took place at the Scottish Parliament 26 to 28 August, titled Culture and a Sustainable Future Summit 2022. It reflected on the urgent need for consideration of and investment in our future. The organizers of the Culture Summit believe that global problems require global solutions. “Culture can play a vital role in helping people all over the world discover commonality, to conceptualise the critical issues we must face, and to help imagine and create a sustainable future”.
Lemi Ponifasio, International Dance Day Message Author 2016, delivered at the Opening Session of the Edinburgh International Culture Summit 2022 on Friday 26 August 2022. The General Secretariat sent the link already to interested persons by e-mail and it received a strong response. That is why it is shared here for you. >>Click here to watch the speech.
The July 2022 Edition of the "UNESCO Tracker Culture & Public Policy"
Special Issue n°4: Countdown to MONDIACULT 2022 | Culture and education: the backbone of development
The UNESCO MONDIACULT 2022 World Conference will be hosted from 28 to 30 September 2022 by the Government of Mexico. For more information, please visit: www.unesco.org/en/mondiacult2022
Culture and education together are the backbone of human development. Yet culture and education are insufficiently harnessed together as complementary dimensions that can leverage social inclusion, skills acquisition as well as the enhancement of knowledge.
To read and download the new brochure as PDF, click on the language edition of your choice:
The June 2022 Edition of the "UNESCO Tracker Culture & Public Policy"
Special Issue n°3: Countdown to MONDIACULT 2022 | Cultural heritage the lifeblood of social cohesion and the springboard to a sustainable future
In this third part of a special series counting down to the UNESCO World Conference on Cultural Policies and Sustainable Development – MONDIACULT 2022, we take stock of the evolutions in approaches to cultural heritage, and particularly the growing recognition of the role of communities in its preservation and safeguarding, as well as the importance for social inclusion and for future generations.
To read and download the new brochure as PDF, click on the language edition of your choice:
German Centre of ITI | The ITI Germany Prize 2023 is Awarded to Flinn Works
In 2023 Flinn Works receives the Prize of the German Centre of the International Theatre Institute. This selection decision was made by the members of the German Centre of ITI based on a list of suggestions from this year's jury, consisting of executive board members of ITI German Centre Ihsan Othmann and Maria Rößler, as well as the members of the German Centre of ITI Helge-Björn Meyer (BFDK), Nina de la Chevallerie (boat people projekt e.V.) and Renate Klett.
>>For more information, please click here.

Photo: Flinn Works: Global Belly, Photo Credit: Alexander Barta
North Macedonian Centre of ITI | New e-publication: Macedonian translation of MATER MEDEA - play by Fabio Tolledi (Italy) Synopsis
In this dramatic and richly poetic version of Fabio Tolledi’s Medea, she is confronted with the nonsense of Jason's infidelity. The choir or Rashomon of the play, exposes all aspects of counselling under the influence of fatality, under the influence of vigilance. Beautiful dramatic language. It is never boring in the subconscious of myths.
For more information, please check the links below:
Digital Exhibition
New e-publication: Macedonian translation of THE DEATH OF MADAM DUPIN - Poetry by Katarina Saric (Monte Negro)
Katarina Saric is a genius. She writes an activistic, feministic, deeply artistic poetry. She is a pure inspiration and life! “I will find you in this same hallway, hung for the portrait of the family tree, descended from the highest branches.
In the same night I shot this picture
when it dawns on me again
night to day,
my soul I will let go.”

For more information, please check the links below:
Digital Exhibition
The May 2022 Edition of the "UNESCO Tracker Culture & Public Policy" Special Issue n°2: Countdown to MONDIACULT 2022
In this second part of a special series counting down to the UNESCO World Conference on Cultural Policies and Sustainable Development – MONDIACULT 2022, we take a look at how the cultural sector is being transformed by the digital transformation. How public policies for culture should respond to this new landscape will be a major issue to be discussed by Ministers and concerned stakeholders at MONDIACULT 2022, due to take place in Mexico in September.
To read and download the new brochure as PDF, click on the language edition of your choice:
International Dance Day 2022 Event Report: An Invitation to (Re-)Experience
The Report of the International Dance Day 2022 Celebration which was held on Friday, 29 April 2022 is ready now. It is a Report that will allow you to watch or re-watch both online and on-site celebrations. To view or download the report, please chose your preferred format by clicking on the text below.
>>Single page version (format for browsing on computer or laptop)
>>Double page version (format for browsing on computer or laptop)
UNESCO | The April 2022 Edition of the "UNESCO Tracker Culture & Public Policy"
Special Issue n°1: Countdown to MONDIACULT
The Countdown to MONDIACULT 2022 has begun! This is the first part of a special series counting down to the UNESCO World Conference on Cultural Policies and Sustainable Development – MONDIACULT 2022, which will be held in Mexico from 28 to 30 September. In this issue, we will explore this major international conference, what is at stake, emerging debates about culture in public policy, the future of the creative economy, culture in times of crisis, culture for livelihoods, culture for resilience and well-being, cultural diplomacy, and culture for peace and security.
To read and download the new brochure as PDF, click on the language edition of your choice:
Croatian Centre of ITI | Dance Magazine Movements 35/36
About Margarita FROMAN, Founder of Professional Zagreb Ballet
Croatian Centre of ITI is proud to present Dance Magazine Movements 35/36. This double issue of Movements 35/36 fully dedicates to Margarita FROMAN, ballet dancer, choreographer, director and ballet pedagogue.
The Dance Committee of the Croatian Centre ITI in 2020 organised a symposium ahead of the 100th anniversary of Margarita FROMAN's arrival in Zagreb. The selected, skilled experts from the field of history, theory and artistic practice of Croatian ballet, dance, folklore, music, visual art, theatre, and cinema answered the invitation and we were joined by two important guests from Belgrade, and the symposium took place in an intimate but open and quite inspiring atmosphere of an exchange of knowledge, opinion and personal archives.
Readers now have a collection of papers which sheds a critical light and multiply documents Margarita FROMAN’s artistic activity, as well as the complex time and context that befell her. >>Click here to view or download the digital version of the magazine. Know more about the Croatian Centre of ITI, please visit www.hciti.hr
Selected Plays from Stan Lai in English
The books are a unique collection of twelve plays translated by the playwright himself. Stan Lai (Lai Shengchuan) is one of the most celebrated theatre practitioners working in the Chinese-speaking world. His work over three decades has pioneered the course of modern Chinese language theatre. The books are a unique collection of Stan Lai´s plays and are an exceptional selection of a diverse range of performances which were not available in English before. The plays have been edited Lissa Tyler Renaud, a master teacher, actor-scholar, speaker, writer, and critic. The books are available from the University of Michigan Press – please click here.
Over Amazon in Kindle and Book format, and on Apple Books in digital format.
UNESCO | The Tracker Culture & Public Policy
The January 2022 Edition #16: Focus on Culture Diplomacy
Cutting Edge examines the increasing prominence of cultural diplomacy in international relations and the shift to more mutually-beneficial cooperative models. Culture has a unique power for building trust and opening conduits for dialogue. Furthermore, cultural diplomacy helps enhance a country's national and local cultural assets with multiple benefits.
To read and download the new brochure as PDF, click on the language edition of your choice:
Report of the ITI/UNESCO Network Special Connecting Event 2021
The Report of the ITI/UNESCO Network Special Connecting Event 2021 which was held from 13 to 17 December 2021 is ready now. It is a Report that will allow you to watch or re-watch the presentations of the Members of the ITI/UNESCO Network, the Welcome Address, the Dialogues with an Artist, the Breakout Sessions and the Open Space.
You may download the report
>>Single page version
>>Double page version
Ramendu Majumdar: Theatre Worldwide – My ITI Years
What the ITI Newsletter announced last year when Ramendu Majumdar celebrated his Birthday has “become true”: The Honorary President of ITI used the pandemic to write his ITI memoirs. Ramendu Majumdar tells us his own story. It gives us an insight into the development of the Bangladesh Centre of ITI – and ITI worldwide. It is proof of the personal perseverance he has experienced with ITI, which resulted in him becoming the President of ITI and gaining the title of Honorary President of ITI. The publication is a veritable cornucopia of facts and experiences of viewpoints through his times with the International Theatre Institute.
The book has been published by the University Press Limited, ISBN 978 984 506 378 4. Hardcover, 196 pages, with colour photos. 35 US-Dollars, 30 Euros. On request, an ITI Centre may receive a free copy. Please allow ample time for sending you the copy. The book can be ordered over news(at)iti-worldwide.org.
Online Publication: Critical Stages / Scènes critiques
Interview with the DG of ITI
A special section of each edition is dedicated to interviews. In the 24th edition, you find a dialogue of Savas Patsalidis with Tobias Biancone with the title “The Global Role of ITI” and an interview with Tadashi Suzuki, with the title “Pumpkin and the Public Scene”.
Unter the multitude of interviews the following might also be of interest for you: Theodoros Terzopulous, Ion Caramitrou, Anina Jendreyko and Yuri Lyubimov. To access the interview just click on the name.
Anina Jendreyko
Yuri Lyubimov
>>To subscribe to the Newsletter for Critical Stages on its webste, please click here.
Chinese Performing Arts – Issue 3 for download
International Theatre Institute ITI and Shanghai Theatre Academy, member of the ITI/UNESCO Network for Higher Education in the Performing Arts are proud to annouce that the third edition of the Chinese Performing Arts is now available. The journal covers the topics of today’s stage of China, the spread of Chinese Theatre and the introduction of Chinese plays and artists. This is the third issue which focuses on the development and the studies of Kunqu.
>>Click here to download or read the publication.
Mexican Centre of ITI UNESCO - New release: TEATRO magazine #28
Mexcian Centre of ITI is happily to present the no.28 issue of the magazine TEATRO "Virtual Theater", with the collaboration of many colleagues, artists and dear friends from Mexico and other centers by ITI.
The Mexican Centre of ITI UNESCO is grateful for the continuous support of the cultural institutions of Mexico and the national and international artistic community. Thanks to this support, the publication has reached its edition 28th edition.
>>Please click here to view and download
International Playwrights’ Forum IPF
Vijay Padaki – Legendary Indian Playwright Book Releases
Vijay Padaki, a member of the International Playwrights’ Forum just released three new books in a series of 10 books that the Vitasta Publishing Company dedicated to this extraordinary Indian playwright. They are available over some of the Amazon websites, or you may order them from the publishing house. https://www.vitastapublishing.com
Vijay Padaki is a Theatre Educator who has been part of the Bangalore Little Theatre since its inception in 1960. More recently, the Ministry of Culture invited Vijay to initiate a programme of Arts and Heritage Management in India. Vijay has written over 50 original plays. In 1993, Vijay won the award for the best contemporary play script instituted by The Hindu for the play Credit Titles. Contact: vijay(at)bangalorelittletheatre.org
UNITED NATIONS | #Faith4Rights Toolkit
The United Nations have created a Toolkit called “Faith for Rights” that is of interest not only for those who work in the field of Human Rights but also for artists, namely performing artists. This toolkit builds on a wealth of comparable tools by several UN agencies that have been integrated into the #Faith4Rights toolkit. It also illustrates artistic expressions as learning tools and offers built-in links to relevant resources faith actors would need. The annex proposes several cases to debate, which illustrate the intersectionality of the 18 commitments and enhance the skills of faith actors to manage religious diversity in real-life situations towards the shared aims of “Faith for Rights”. For any enquiries, please send an email to: faith4rights(at)ohchr.org
>>The toolkit can be downloaded by clicking here.
Theatre Diplomacy During the Cold War – Volume 1 to 5
This multi-volume work began as a biography of Martha Coigney, who was a pioneering thought leader and advocate of internationalism in the American theatre during one of the most challenging periods in modern U.S. history. Martha Coigney served as President of the International Theatre Institute (ITI) from 1987-1995 and afterwards became an Honorary President of ITI.
For all those who are interested in the History of ITI, and the development of ITI, this multi-volume work is a must to read. It is available: - over the website of the publisher XLIBRIS
- over amazon.com
As the book is not inexpensive, you also may download an ebook for a reasonable price over the stores of Kindle Amazon, Apple Books or Google Play Books.
New: ITI Event Reports – an invitation to browse, read and watch!
The General Secretariat of ITI has worked extensively to inform you about three main events of ITI: The General Assembly Special Edition (10 to 15 December 2020), World Theatre Day (27 March 2021) and International Dance Day (2021).
All the Reports contain what happened during the three event – such as speeches, presentations, and for World Theatre Day and International Dance Day the messages and performances. Moreover, they give you background information and also the statistics of how many people participated or watch the event.
Each Report that you can open and/or download is an invitation to watch or watch again. Just download it and click on what you want to see … The links are meant to be open when you are using a computer or laptop.
Event Report of theITI General Assembly Special Edition 2020 Report
To view or download the report, please chose your preferred format by clicking on the text below.
Single page edition (format for print out on A4)
Double page edition (format for browsing on computer or laptop)
New regular UNESCO Publication “The Tracker on Culture and Public Policy”
There is a new regular online publication in which UNESCO is presenting essential data about what is happening on the world. It is called “The Tracker – Culture & Public Policy”. Click here to read what Mr. Ernesto Ottone, the UNESCO Assistant Director-General for Culture stated in the Special Edition of the Tracker, April 2021.
Here are the titles of the issues that have been published so far. Just click on the title in bold letters below to download or read the PDF of each issue:
The Tracker Issue 8 / Special Issue: Focus on a Year of Covid-19
The Tracker Issue 7: Focus on Culture and Peace Building
The Tracker Issue 6: Focus on Cultural Tourism
The Tracker Issue 5: Focus on Creative Economy
The Tracker Issue 4: Focus on Culture and Climate Change
The Tracker Issue 3: Focus on the Future Work
The Tracker Issue 2: Focus on Culture and Digital Technologies
The Tracker Issue 1: Focus on Culture and Multilateralism
To be informed regularly, visit www.unesco.org or write to Culture.Forum(at)unesco.org
Essential UNESCO Publication: Culture in Crisis: Policy guide for a resilient creative sector
The COVID-19 pandemic and the crisis it created have had a devastating effect on the cultural and creative industries, revealing and magnifying their pre-existing volatility.
The UNESCO Publication “Culture in Crisis” offers advice on how to respond to the most pressing needs and how to induce the structural changes needed to strengthen the resilience of the cultural and creative industries and prepare for the future.
You may download the UNESCO Publication (56 pages) in the following languages, by clicking on the name of the language.
Korean 한국어
UNESCO Publication Culture 2030 | Indicators
Culture|2030 Indicators was published by the Culture Sector of UNESCO on the occasion of the Forum of Ministers of Culture at UNESCO Headquarters in Paris.
The Culture|2030 indicators is a framework of thematic indicators whose purpose is to measure and monitor the progress of culture’s enabling contribution to the national and local implementation of the Goals and targets of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, both as a sector of activity, and transversally across other sectors. The Culture | 2030 Indicators combine a variety of data, including quantitative and qualitative indicators, and will rely as much as possible on existing data sources.
For more information visit the Culture | 2030 Indicators website
You may download the UNESCO Publication (around 120 pages) in the following languages, by clicking on the name of the language.
ITI/UNESCO Network for Higher Education in the Performing Arts
New “Visual Presentation” about the ITI/UNESCO Network
The Secretariat of the ITI/UNESCO Network for Higher Education in the Performing Arts has created a visual presentation that is available for ITI Centres, educational and research institutions and persons who are working in this field. It gives information about vision, mission and goals, describes all the ongoing and planned projects. You also find a list about all the current members – educational and research institutions.
For downloading the visual presentation click here.
ITI General Secretariat Team Report 2017 - 2020
During the General Assembly Special Edition 2020, the Headquarters of ITI invited the ITI Centres, the ITI Committees, Forums and Networks and the Partner Organizations of ITI to present their past, current and future work. After the event, the Heaquarters of ITI put the individual videos and the videos day by day on the website www.iti-congress.org. Anyone can watch them on this website.
For time reason, the General Secretariat of ITI did not present its works. That is why it created the ITI General Secretariat Team Report 2017-2020. It is available in English and French.
The headquarters of ITI cordially invite you to download the brochure and take a look at it.
>>English version
>>English version double page
>>Version française
>>Version française double page
ITI/UNESCO Network - Online Second Student Festival, Monday to Sunday, 13 to 19 July 2020.
The Online Second Student Festival is a collaboration between the Piccolo Teatro di Milano, the ITI/UNESCO Network and eight participating institutions. It consists of:
• 8 Student Performances from Network Members Institutions from Burkina Faso, Colombia, Iran, Italy, Singapore, South Korea, Spain and Ukraine.
• 8 After-Show Discussions in which you can participate or contribute in registering yourself www.iti-unesco-network.org/participationform.html
• A Student Conference in which you can participate in registering yourself
The full information and programme about the Online Second Student Festival can be accessed over the special designed website for it, >>please click here.
>>For downloading the brochure, click here.
>>For downloading the program, click here.
ITI Panels
Panels introducing ITI to the world have been created in English and French. If you want to see them, they are available in low resolution here. If you want to print them, please send an email to info(at)iti-worldwide.org and we will send you the high-resolution version for quality print.