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International Dance Day Message Author for 2021
International Dance Day – 29 April 2021 is approaching. The General Secretariat is honoured and pleased to announce to you that the well-known ballet dancer, the Stuttgart Ballet principal dancer Friedemann Vogel from Germany has written the Message for International Dance Day 2021.
• International Dance Day Message 2021 by Friedemann Vogel in English (original) in PDF and Word
• Message de la Journée internationale de la danse 2021 par Friedemann VOGEL, en français (traduction), en PDF et Word
• Biography of Friedemann Vogel in English in PDF and Word
• Biographie de Friedemann Vogel en français, en PDF et Word
Photo Friedemann Vogel by Roman Novitzky (jpg) – royalty-free 1
Photo Friedemann Vogel by Roman Novitzky (jpg) – royalty-free 2
Photo Friedemann Vogel by Roman Novitzky (jpg) – royalty-free 3
Helen MIRREN talks about Theatre on World Theatre Day 2021
ITI is extremely happy to share with you an interview of Helen MIRREN, the World Theatre Day 2021 Message Author, during which she talks about her understanding on theatre and the future of theatre. ITI is particularly grateful to Helen MIRREN for it. This short interview with Helen MIRREN was done via Zoom on 27 March 2021, conducted by Fabio TOLLEDI and Roberta QUARTA, President and Coordinator of the Italian Centre of ITI.
>>Click here to watch the video.
Open Call for Queer Artist Residency
CPH Queer Theater Festival presents Hot Meat, a new-play development and artist residency program, with a focus on the LGBTQ+ community. During this 10-day residency you will work together with other artists from around the world to create 1 of 4 new pop-up plays, that will premiere during World Pride. Are you a professional theatre-maker who identifies as queer, and would you like to immerse yourself in, explore and challenge the fundamentals of queer performance, then Hot Meat is an artist residency for you. Deadline to apply: 23 April 2021
For more information click here.
The Grotowski Institute
The Grotowski Institute, Wrocław, Poland, is pleased to announce open calls for artist residencies intended for theatre companies and individual artists and for study visits directed towards students of drama schools, art schools and humanities departments such as departments of theatre studies and cultural studies. These programmes are scheduled to take place between October 2021 and October 2022.
For more information click here.
• The Grotowski Institute_Open calls for artist residencies_GENERAL
• The Grotowski Institute_Open call for theatre companies_1
• The Grotowski Institute_Open call for individual artists_2
• The Grotowski Institute_Open call for study visits for drama schools_3
World Theatre Day Inspiring Moments 1
Voices of Europe - Visions for a Theatre of the Future
The German Centre of ITI invites you on this year’s World Theatre Day this video containing voices of stage directors from Europe sharing their visions and ideas concerning theatre. Watch the video on 27 March on www.world-theatre-day.org
Italian Centre of ITI | Chi è di scena? ITI Meets the World
Thursday, 15 April, 16:00 h Paris Time: ITI meets ITI Croatia
Monday, 19 April, 16:00 h Paris Time: ITI meets ITI Spain
Thursday, 22 April, 16:00 h Paris Time: ITI meets ITI Macedonia
Thursday, 6 May, 16:00 h Paris Time: ITI meets ITI United Kingdom
The meetings are organized by the Italian Centre of ITI in collaboration with ITI worldwide. People who are interested in participating in the meeting, please write to iti.italiancentre(at)gmail.com
>>Interested persons can watch the programme on Facebook, without registration Link.
Slovak Centre of ITI / The Theatre Institute Bratislava
GREEN DRĀMA - 15 New Slovak Environmental Plays
GREEN DRĀMA, the project initiated by the Theatre Institute that spanned over two years, brought together fifteen Slovak playwrights and three dramaturges – Vladislava Fekete, Andrea Dӧmeová and Miriam Kičiňová. It has been coordinated by the dramaturge Lenka Čepková, with methodological guidance by the theatre theorist Milo Juráni. The stage texts are brought in English translation by Lucia Faltin.
>>To access the link on YouTube, click here.
To receive full text of any of the plays, please send an email to Ms Eva Fačková: eva.fackova(at)theatre.sk
Theatre in Conflict Zones Network
Online Seminars: Theatre in Conflict Zones
The proposal is part of ‘Alchimie’ project, promoted by ITI Italia, in partnership with ITI worldwide and other institutions, supported by Fondazione con il Sud. It foresees the implementation of a series of online seminars involving artists and cultural operators mainly from ITI Centres that have developed an experience in the field of theatre in conflict areas. Everybody can watch the meetings over Facebook, without registration link.
Online Seminars Programme
Thursday, 8 April, 16.00 h Paris Time, with Jessica Kaahwa of the Uganda Centre of ITI, Elica Miwa, Shuji SOTA, Hideki Hayashi of the Japan Centre of ITI, Nora Amin, Stage Director (Egypt)
Share Your Voice of Love, Encouragement and Support
The current global pandemic shakes the world with anxiety, fear and even hatred. It is time for every one of us to be active and to use the best tools we have – the dialogue and communication that is inherent in the performing arts to go through this global health crisis.

The General Secretariat is receiving a lot of words of love, encouragement and support from all parts of the world, and all these letters deserve to have more readers.

>>Please click here to read and watch
Helen MIRREN, United Kingdom
World Theatre Day Message Author for 2021
World Theatre Day – 27 March 2021 is approaching. The General Secretariat is honoured and pleased to announce to you that the distinguished theatre, film and television actress Helen MIRREN from the United Kingdom has written the Message for World Theatre Day 2021. Here you find the Message and biography in English and French.
• World Theatre Day Message 2021 by Helen MIRREN in English (original) in PDF and Word
• Message de la Journée mondiale du théâtre par Helen MIRREN 2021, en français (traduction), en PDF et Word
• Biography of Helen MIRREN in English in PDF and Word.
• Biographie de Helen MIRREN en français, en PDF et Word
>>To read the full announcement, please click here
ITI Partner Organizations | SIBMAS - International Association of Libraries, Museums, Archives and Documentation Centres of the Performing Arts
Save the Victoria & Albert Museum Theatre & Performance Department!
SIBMAS, ITI's Partner Organizations that is dealing with Libraries, Museum, Archives and Documentation Centres of the Performing Arts ask ITI and its members to sign the petition to save the department of Theatre and Performance.
>>Click here to know more
To make this issue public SIBMAS arranged an online petition at change.org: http://chng.it/HFgsGKXdyv
Please help spread the news about this petition as widely as you can.”
More info about the campaign, >>please visit the SIBMAS website
Mexican Centre of ITI UNESCO - New release: TEATRO magazine #27
The TEATRO magazine was created with the intention of disseminating research, analysis, history, and trends of theatre in Mexico and in the world.
TEATRO magazine is a yearly publication in Spanish and English, with important national or international theatre artists expressing their vision and knowledge about theatre and performing arts. The TEATRO Magazine is free to distribute, the authors submit their article without payment. And it doesn’t run ads or sponsorships.
This year, according to the situation of the pandemic, only a limited number has been printed and distributed. It exists as a PDF that can be downloaded for free: >>Please click here to view and download TEATRO magazine #27
The Mexican Centre of ITI UNESCO is grateful for the continuous support of the cultural institutions of Mexico and the national and international artistic community. Thanks to this support, the publication has reached its edition 27th edition.
North Macedonian Centre of ITI
The North Macedonian Centre ITI/PRODUKCIJA has published a series of e-books on Theatre Plays, Theatre Comics, Utopian Set Designs, Set Design Elaborates, Photo eBooks and promotional eBooks.
Please visit the eBooks catalogue and support the upcoming publications.
Publishers North Macedonian Centre ITI/Produkcija
>>Access the eBooks catalogue by clicking here.
20th ASSITEJ World Congress & International Performing Arts Festival for Children and Young People / MIRAI 2020
The 20th ASSITEJ World Congress & International Performing Arts Festival for Children and Young People / MIRAI 2020 will take place as a physical (‘On the Ground’) and virtual (‘Online’) event – from 22 to 31 March with all online contents available until 11 April 2021.
>>Click here to know more about the event.
More information is available on the special website created for the Congress and for the Festival: www.assitejonline.org. The website will inform about the “On the Ground Festival” (Tokyo), the “Professional Exchange Programme” and the “Performances on Demand”. Over this website you also can get in touch with the organizers (contact).
ITI General Secretariat Team Report 2017 - 2020
During the General Assembly Special Edition 2020, the Headquarters of ITI invited the ITI Centres, the ITI Committees, Forums and Networks and the Partner Organizations of ITI to present their past, current and future work. After the event, the Heaquarters of ITI put the individual videos and the videos day by day on the website www.iti-congress.org. Anyone can watch them on this website.
For time reason, the General Secretariat of ITI did not present its works. That is why it created the ITI General Secretariat Team Report 2017-2020. It is available in English and French.
The headquarters of ITI cordially invite you to download the brochure and take a look at it.
>>English version
>>English version double page
>>Version française
>>Version française double page
Scholarships Crowdfunding for the Zimbabwe Theatre Academy
Young people who want to be trained as actors/creaters at the Zimbabwe Theatre Academy need your financial support. That is why Brian Weaver (Portland Playhouse) and Lloyd Nyikadzino (Zimbabwe Theatre Academy) have launched a crowdfunding initiative.
>>Watch the video on YouTube
>>Click here to know more
If you have any questions please write to Brian Weaver or Llyod Nyikadzino
brian(at)portlandplayhouse.org ; lloydnyikadzino(at)gmail.com
More information:
Zimbabwe Theatre Academy: Facebook Page
Portland Playhouse: Website
Chinese Performing Arts – Issue #2 for download
The Shanghai Theatre Academy (STA) and the International Theatre Institute (ITI) are proud to announce the second edition of the Chinese Performing Arts Journal. Tobias Biancone and Gong Baorong, the two Editors-in-Chief, invite you to participate in a journey of the Chinese Drama and even Classical Xiqu. The topics of this issue are: Studies of Cao Yu, the Early Form of Modern Chinese Drama, Chinese Experimental Theatre, Theatre and Artists (Beijing People´s Art Theatre & Pu Cunxin), an Introduction in Classical Xiqu (part 2) and an Inventory of Chinese Theatre in 2019.
You may download the publication
>>One-sided version
>>Double-sided version
If you are interested in downloading the first edition, please write to info(at)iti-worldwide.org
Online Interview
A Midsummer Night's Theatre: Silviu Purcărete and the Nocturnal Magic of the Stage, from The Danaids to Faust
Having been featured in the programme of the Edinburgh International Festival three different times, making a strong impact at the Avignon Festival, Silviu Purcărete is arguably Romania's best-known international theatre artist. His iconic Faust, a production of monumental proportions, with a cast of more than one hundred people, has been considered one of the greatest shows on Earth. Rather enigmatic, not easily tempted to speculate about his own work, Purcărete remains the type of artist who prefers to talk through his performances rather than about them. However, sometimes, he accepts the "challenge" of certain questions and he answers with charming serenity.
Invitation to watch the Online Dialogue with and about Silviu Purcărete Moderator: Octavian Saiu
Guests: Silviu Purcărete, Coca Bloos, Ofelia Popii, and Jonathan Mills
ITI members and friends are cordially invited to an online dialogue with and about Silviu Purcărete – in his home, during a period of isolation that he considers at once pleasant and torturous. At the age of seventy, he remains the same great sceptic, although he maintains his healthy sense of humour, while preparing to direct a new performance in Tokyo. In this dialogue he will be accompanied, albeit from afar, by Coca Bloos, Ofelia Popii, and Jonathan Mills. The Online Dialogue was live on 20 August and can be watched now: https://www.facebook.com/teatrelli/
ITI/UNESCO Network - Online Second Student Festival, Monday to Sunday, 13 to 19 July 2020.
The Online Second Student Festival is a collaboration between the Piccolo Teatro di Milano, the ITI/UNESCO Network and eight participating institutions. It consists of:
• 8 Student Performances from Network Members Institutions from Burkina Faso, Colombia, Iran, Italy, Singapore, South Korea, Spain and Ukraine.
• 8 After-Show Discussions in which you can participate or contribute in registering yourself www.iti-unesco-network.org/participationform.html
• A Student Conference in which you can participate in registering yourself
The full information and programme about the Online Second Student Festival can be accessed over the special designed website for it, >>please click here.
>>For downloading the brochure, click here.
>>For downloading the program, click here.
This new book, released in June 2020 by the Desert Hearts Media in the United Kingdom, is an important publication, that is intended to be “For everyone who teaches the performing arts in schools everywhere.”
Equal Stages, Standing Up for Identity and Integrity in the Performing, Volume 1is a publication that is showing the reader of how diverse theatre is made in the UK and Ireland.
Published in association with the Other National Theatre, Morecambe, and the International Theatre Institute, Equal Stages is a ground-breaking overview of diversity, representation, visibility and inclusion in the live performing arts, particularly theatre. It’s an interlocking snapshot of the industry provided by 40 interviews with a diverse range of 42 people who work in everything from performance to running venues, from writing to marketing, fringe theatre to international festivals. What they share is the vision and drive to break new ground for culture to make a difference in society.
Moreover, the book is designed to be an accessible resource, that is why includes an eight-page glossary of performing arts terms.
>>List of the Interviewees, please click here.
>>Biography Nick Awde, please click here.
Equal Stages, Standing Up for Identity and Integrity in the Performing Arts, Volume 1 By Nick Awde, 594pp | paperback | £24.99 | ISBN: 9781908755384
The book can be ordered directly from www.deserthearts.com. Orders and Press inquiries: Nick Awde– nick@deserthearts.com / +44 (0)79 6115 4590
ITI Panels
Panels introducing ITI to the world have been created in English and French. If you want to see them, they are available in low resolution here. If you want to print them, please send an email to info(at)iti-worldwide.org and we will send you the high-resolution version for quality print.