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Share Your Voice of Love, Encouragement and Support
The current global pandemic shakes the world with anxiety, fear and even hatred. It is time for every one of us to be active and to use the best tools we have – the dialogue and communication that is inherent in the performing arts to go through this global health crisis.

The General Secretariat is receiving a lot of words of love, encouragement and support from all parts of the world, and all these letters deserve to have more readers.

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Open Call to Share Your Voice of Love, Encouragement and Support
Dear members and friends of ITI,
We also invite you to join us. Please share your voice of love, encouragement and support to the people. Please touching the people with your creative, please using your positive energy to light into the darkness…
Your statement can be a letter, a fragment of a performance, a drawing, a picture - anything that you would like to share with others to show them your care, your encouragement or support.
If you have any best practice for how to use the performing arts these days, please let us know too.
Please send everything to chen.simin(at)iti-worldwide.org cc: info(at)futuracom.ch
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Call for Videos for World Theatre Day and International Dance Day
2020 is a year with even more challenges for the performing arts community all over the world.
Almost all the Centres of ITI are not able to celebrate World Theatre Day & International Dance Day with an event because of the outbreak of the Covid-19 virus. Therefore, the General Secretariat Team of ITI initiates that all the ITI Members celebrate 2020 World Theatre Day and International Dance Day - online. We encourage all the Centres, Cooperating Members and friends of ITI to send a video to chen.simin(at)iti-worldwide.org as soon as possible.
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Gregory Vuyani MAQOMA, South Africa – International Dance Day Message Author for 2020
It is our great pleasure and honour to announce to you that Gregory MAQOMA, dancer, choreographer, dance educator and actor from South Africa has written the official message for International Dance Day 2020.
>>International Dance Day Message 2020 by Gregory MAQOMA in English (original) in PDF and Word
>>Message de la Journée Internationale de la Danse 2020 de Gregory MAQOMA en français (traduction) en PDF et Word
>>Biography Gregory MAQOMA in English as PDF and Word
>>Biographie Gregory MAQOMA en français (traduction) en PDF et Word
Call for participation: The International Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) Arts Festival Forum / Workshops for Peace and Climate Justice
The program will be observed in the City of Manila, in conjunction with UNESCO’s International Arts Education Week from May 20th to the 26th. For any questions please get in touch with Cecile Guidote Alvarez, President of the Philippine Centre of ITI.
>>Click here to view the Project Brief
>>Click here to view the Newsletter about this event
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>>Click here to view the Congratulatory Message of Department of Foreign Affairs
>>Click here to view the letter for ITI Colleagues
Special Message from the General Secretariat Team of ITI
The members of the General Secretariat will return to work in the office at the beginning of March.
The good news is that the Shanghai authorities have been successful in dealing with the virus and things are getting back to normal, step by step.
We will keep you updated on the situation here. If you have any questions, please write to us over info(at)iti-worldwide.org. We wish safety and health to all of you. And we hope that authorities all over the world will keep the health issues well under control so that each and everyone can experience safe and healthy days and do the intended work without fear.
UK Centre launches the Initiative “the other national theatre”
What does this mean? Who is behind it? What is in the manifesto of the other national theatre? To find out >>please visit the website of the other national theatre by clicking here. Further information you find in the new publication by Desert Hearts Books under the guidance of the editors Nick Awde & Isabel Appio. The first volume of the series is called Equal Stages: Standing Up for Identity and Integrity in the Performing Arts, by Nick Awde. It will be released on 23 March. >>More information and where to order click here.
Slovak Centre of ITI: Announcing Nová dráma/New Drama Festival 2020
The Nová dráma/New Drama Festival will take place from 11 to 16 May 2020 in Bratislava. The Festival of contemporary Slovak and world drama is an annual presentation of the best contemporary Slovak and world drama productions.
The main programme offers eight performances of contemporary plays staged in the last year, which will be observed by an international jury. The best performance will receive the Grand Prix Nová drama/New Drama 2020.
We are happy to announce German playwright Falk Richter as a godfather of Festival 2020 and a special guest and pleased to offer a rich additional programme with the special festival section Focus Austria, bringing insight into the theatre of this country.
The year 2020 marks a major jubilee: the centenary of the foundation of the Slovak National Theatre (1 March 1920). Therefore, we prepare also a Showcase of Slovak theatre as well as international conference Recycling In The Performing Arts: From Creativity To Commerce and the Congress International Association of Theatre Critics (AICT).
The program will be available in March.
Indian Centre of ITI: Open Call for the IAPAR International Theatre Festival 2020 in Pune, India
As the IAPAR International Theatre Festival enters into its fifth year, the thrust to keep the 'Actor at the Centre', has been infinitely rewarding. In the current socio-political-cultural situation worldwide, there are many voices which need a representation, hence the decision to focus the festival on ‘Marginalised Narratives’.
The IAPAR international Festival 2020 invites applications under the umbrella of ‘Marginalised Narratives’. The festival will take place in Pune, India in November 2020! Deadline for application is 27th March 2020.
Send us an email on iapar.festival(at)gmail.com for the detailed application form or call on +91 77750 52719 to know more. Vidyanidhee Vanarase (Prasad), Founder Director, International Association for Performing Arts and Research, India (IAPAR), President of the Indian Centre of ITI.
The Japanese Theatre Director and Educator Tadashi Suzuki receives the Yuri Lyubimov International Theatre Award 2019
The Yuri Lyubimov International Theatre Award, established by the Lyubimov Charity Foundation for the Development of Theatre Art and the International Theatre Institute (ITI), was presented on 16 November 2019 to the Japanese director and educator Tadashi Suzuki at the Alexandrinsky Theatre after his performance “Cyrano de Bergerac” which was part of the Theatre Olympics, held in Saint Petersburg, Russia.
The award ceremony happened in the Tsar's lobby of the theatre in the presence of actors and interested theatre people. The ceremony was hosted by Katalin Lyubimova, Chairwomen of the Foundation, and Mohamed Saif Al-Afkham, President of ITI. In his speech, the President of ITI underlined the significance of the Yuri Lyubimov Award and the value and importance of the life-long work of Tadashi Suzuki. Welcoming addresses were handed over to the Japanese laureate from Tobias Biancone, Director General of ITI, and Anatoli Vassiliev, stage director and Yuri Lyubimov Awardee 2018 who both could not be present during the cultural event in Saint Petersburg.
Attached are the >>messages of Tobias Biancone, DG ITI; >>and Anatoli Vassiliev for the event.
The London International Mime Festival receives the Special World Mime Organisation Award for Outstanding Contribution to the Art of Mime, given by the World Mime Organization
Helen Lannaghan and Joseph Seelig, co-directors of the London International Mime Festival, receiving the Special World Mime Organisation Award for Outstanding Contribution to the Art of Mime – presented on behalf of World Mime Organisation's president Marko Stojanovic. The award is presented to them by Stefania Bochicchio and Nick Awde, co-directors of the UK Centre of ITI, 1 February 2020.
(Photo credits: Nick Awde)
Registration Open: International Association of Theatre Critics (IATC): 30th Congress of IATC in Bratislava, Slovakia
The 30th edition of the Congress of IATC will happen during the Nová dráma/New Drama Festival (see information above) from 12 to 16 May 2020 in Bratislava, Slovakia. >>More information about IATC and about the Congress can be found on the website – in English and French. Email: contact(at)aict-iatc.org
Deadline for Registration March 2020.
Call for Participation; International University Theatre Associaton (IUTA) 13th IUTA World Congress in Manila, Philippines
Theme: University Theatre as Social and Cultural Agent
The International University Theatre Association (AITU-IUTA) is pleased to announce that its 13th World Congress will be held in Manila, Philippines – from 25 to 29 August 2020. Organized by the IUTA Philippine Center in partnership with the Cultural Center of the Philippines (CCP), the 13th Congress seeks to provide a major forum to discuss the role of the university theater as social and cultural agent in the present time.
>>Click here to find more information about the Congress 2020 (PDF) In this letter, you find also call for papers, workshops and performances. Deadline for the submission of application: 15 March 2020
Further Information about the Congress you find on these links: Facebook, IUTA Philippine Centre and IUTA-AITU Website.
International Playwrights’ Forum: New Deadline for the Submission of Entries for the International Competition: Dramatic Adaptations of Sholem Aleichem Short Stories
The International Playwrights’ Forum is prolonging the deadline for the submitting stories to 31 May 2020.
More information about the Competition:
>>English version click here
>>French version click here
Coletivo Egrégora: Open Call for Emerging Artists
The Coletivo Egrégora would like to invite young artists interested in exchanging experiences and knowledge with two Brazilian artists, Gab Mariquito and Jeff Fagundes, who will be on a Europen tour between 21 July 21 August 2020 with the dance theatre solos NIDRA and IROKO: Meu Universo, beginning its trajectory in Lisbon and ending it in Amsterdam.
Through this journey, the two artists seek to foster cultural exchange between the political ways of independent art in Brazil and in countries such as Portugal, Spain, France, Germany, Netherlands and other countries that have any group who want to talk about young contemporary theatre.
If you are interested, please contact:
E-mail: coletivoegregora(at)gmail.com
Phone: Gab Mariquito +55 21 979 511 169
Jeff Fagundes +55 21 995 071 340
Call for the 9th Methodika: “Assuming the Future is Shaping the Future”
Assuming the Future is Shaping the Future is the title of the 9th Methodika, the International Festival for Theatre Training Methods. It is scheduled from 25 to 29 September 2020 in Pescara, Italy.
The Artistic Director Dr Jurij Alschitz invites artists, actresses, actors, directors, teachers, pedagogues for the unique opportunity to share, discuss and develop the most unusual ideas for theatre training and rehearsal practice.
This year the format of the International Festival for Theatre Training Methods Methodika will give to every participant the unique possibility to express and develop yet unrealized methodological ideas. What today seems like a crazy or risky proposition may easily become the future of theatre training and rehearsing. In this way, the 9th Methodika is not only a space of sharing but also creating new theatre methods and professional networks. Finally, Methodika wants to celebrate the artistic aspect of teaching.
The participation is free of charge (only the administration fee of 90 € is applied). Application is required. Please send your expression of interest to methodika(at)theatreculture.org to ensure your place. We will get back to you with more information. Contact: +39 08 5431 0119 / +39 33 3422 6744
The 9th Methodika is an invitation to all visionary artists!
The 9th Methodika, led by the World Theatre Training Institute AKT-ZENT, is part of the joint research programme on Hybrid Theatre Training of the ITI/UNESCO Network for Higher Education in the Performing Arts. The 9th Methodika is hosted by Didattica Teatrale and Media Museum Pescara, Italy.
>>More information, click here.
>>Note of the Artisitic Director Dr. Jurij Alschitz please click here.
Open Call for Speakers for Theatre Training in Hyperspace
Experts’ Colloquium about New Dimensions for the Theatre Training
An initiative by Dr Jurij Alschitz; concept and moderation Christine Schmalor.
The Experts’ Colloquium about New Dimensions for Theatre Training is organized in the frame of the 6th International Theatre and Education Festival Forum “Nauruz” of the Galiaskar Kamal Tatar Academic Theatre in Kazan, Russia – from 10 to 12 June 2020
The challenge of digitality has arrived at all Institutions of the Arts. The ITI/UNESCO Network for Higher Education in the Performing Arts formed a working group to investigate the theme of Hybrid Education – the combination of online training and classroom tuition.
Any interested scientist or practitioner in the field of education, theatre training or production is invited to join and share experience.
While the first two days will take the shape of a work meeting, all participant of the festival will be invited to join the open panel discussion on the 12 June. The colloquium language will be English and Russian.
Open Call for Speakers
Please apply with a short proposition on the theme and content as fast as possible and send to akt.zent(at)berlin.de
Conditions: Full accommodation for 4 nights and local transport.
Furthermore, we encourage any interested person to join as a participant. Please use the registration form.
Call for Applications for the High Fest in Yerevan, Armenia 1 to 8 October 2020
“ Dear Friends and Colleagues! We are happy to announce the opening of the registration for the HIGH FEST International Performing Arts Festival, which will take place from 1 to 8 October 2020 in Yerevan, Armenia! This year it will be the 18th Edition! The festival is one the best 24 European festivals from the long list of 715 by EFFE Awards 2019-2020. We are the main festival on the territory of the former USSR Countries (except for Moscow). >>So, apply and be part of us! The application deadline is 15 March!
We will be happy to answer any other question, so don't hesitate to write to us.
Contact: High Fest Coordination Team, HIGH FEST International Performing Arts Festival
26 Amiryan Street / State Institute of Theatre and Cinema Yerevan 0002, Armenia
Tel/Fax: +374 99 53 62 33 whatsapp/viber
Connect 35 - Log on, join in, dance!
In a range of 35th-anniversary celebrations, Magpie Dance, the leading dance charity for children and adults with learning disabilities, launch Connect 35, a free, online, participatory dance opportunity.
People with and without a disability, and with and without dance experience, are encouraged to make and upload their own dances, using the number 35 as their inspiration. With participants from all over the UK and beyond, Connect 35 is set to break barriers to dance.
"We hope that you find inspiration from us and want to join in by making your own moves! Take part and upload your own video and help us share Connect 35 around the globe." Erica Moshman, Creative Learning Coordinator.
>>Click here for more information
eMotion - When dance and technology collide.
Join Magpie Dance for a dance technology festival - Try your hand at interactive exhibitions, immersive workshops and watch live performances. Suitable for all the family. >>Get your tickets online
Activities include: Dancing with Meccanoid, Immersive pop up performances, Exhibition, Interactive Lights performance in the studio theatre, VR Headsets, Sphero experience
Calls of the Accademia Teatro Dimitri
The Accademia Teatro Dimitri, member of the ITI/UNESCO Network for Higher Education in the Performing Arts is announcing different calls.
Preliminary Auditions "Bachelor of Arts in Theatre" 2020/2021
The Bachelor of Arts in Theatre offers extensive training in the field of Physical Theatre. The teaching consists of regular lessons in core subjects, various academic workshops, numerous courses for further growth and the development of theatrical shows, which allow the students to gain a solid technical mastery in the theatrical and movement skills. Preliminary Auditions are held in: Bern, Berlin, Paris, Milano and Version. >>More information
Master of Arts in Theatre
The Accademia Dimitri offers two Master of Arts Programms with specialization on "Physical Theatre" and Teatro di Figura: Puppets, Objects and Material Theatre >>More information
Certificate of Advanced Studies (CAS) in Performing Arts Practice in Conflict Zones
In a globalized world in which the consequences of violence war and discrimination have become an integral part of our lives politics is created with angst demarcation and isolation determining everyday life. The CAS Performing Arts Practice in Conflict Zones offers an opportunity to open new spaces of reflection and action. >>More information
Easter and Sommer Courses for Adults During the months of July and August, the Accademia Teatro Dimitri offers an interesting and varied program of courses in Verscio. These are aimed at adults, both professionals and non-professionals, who are interested in physical theatre and would like to explore various fields such as dance, circus arts, pantomime, clowning, rhythm and theatrical improvisation. The Accademia also offers courses for kids. >>More information
Pre-Announcement: Communicating the Arts 22 - 24 June 2020 in Lausanne/Switzerland
Communicating the Arts is the leading conference and networking platform for professionals working for performing and visual arts organizations. 300 senior professionals will come together to network, engage in stimulating conversations and rethink their institution’s models and strategies.
More information will follow in the next Newsletter.
Shahid NADEEM, Pakistan – World Theatre Day Message Author for 2020
It is our great pleasure and honour to officially announce that Shahid NADEEM from Pakistan, the leading playwright from Pakistan who has written over 50 plays, has been selected by the Executive Council to write the World Theatre Day Message for 2020.
>>To read the message and know more about the author, please click here.
Important Message from the General Secretariat
As you may know, due to the new Corona virus outbreak in a few areas of China, the whole country is now going through some serious problems. Strong efforts to fight against the outbreak and the prevention of more cases are done.
After a 10-day stay-at-home lunar year holiday, the General Secretariat Team has resumed its work on 3 February. If you have any questions or needs, you can still reach the General Secretariat. The work of the office continues to be done. However, as the government and experts strongly suggest, the citizens should avoid gathering. That is why the members of the General Secretariat will work from home for the next two weeks. >>More information.
2020 Fujairah International Arts Festival / Fujairah International Monodrama Festival
The Fujairah/United Arab Centre of ITI is happy to announce that the 2020 Edition of the Fujairah International Arts Festival & Fujairah International Monodrama Festival is happening from 20 to 28 February in Dibba and Fujairah City. The event is held under the patronage of the HH Sheikh Hamad bin Mohamed Al-Sharqi, Ruler of Fujairah and Member of the Supreme Council of the UAE. The Fujairah International Monodrama Festival was founded by Mohamed Saif Al-Afkham (President ITI worldwide) and Mohamed Saeed Al-Dhanhani (Emir of Fujairah) and has developed into the world´s most prestigious festival for monodrama; since two editions it is part of the Fujairah International Arts Festival.
The 2020 Festival will be inaugurated with an amazing opening ceremony, followed local and international monodramas, music and art events from all over the world. For more information, please write to info(at)iti-worldwide.org.
Congo Republic Centre of ITI: FITAAS Festival 3rd Edition
The Congo Republic Centre of ITI is pleased to announce the organization of the 3rd edition of the FITAAS festival
The festival will take place from 25 March – 29 March 2020 in Brazzaville and Pointe-Noire. This festival will address the following themes: Theatre, a tool for the correction of harmful morals. Theatre, dance, music, lectures, excursions and much more are planned.
For any information please contact fitaas18(at)gmail.com / iticongobrazza(at)yahoo.fr, >>click here to access the main informations about the festival.
Open Call for Inclusion Day, Theatre Info Finland / Finnish Centre of ITI
Theatre Info Finland TINFO, the home of the Finnish Centre of ITI – together with the Culture for All service, UrsaMinor, DuvTeatern, Globe Art Point and The Association of Finnish Theatres – has declared Inclusion Day, which will be celebrated on Friday, 27 March 2020. The goal of the Inclusion Day campaign is to draw attention to equal opportunities for artists and other dramatic professionals and accessibility of theatrical experiences for everyone. >>To have more information click here.
World Mime Organization: The Stage. Interview of Marko Stojanovic
The World Mime Organization´s founder Marko Stojanovic is pleased to share with you an interview reported by the British Magazine The Stage. The subject of the interview is "Mime artist knows their bodies and the linked ides of movement". >>If you want to read the article, please click here.
Mitambo International Theatre Festival 2020
The second edition of the Mitambo International Theatre Festival 2020 will be held from 29 September- 3 October 2020 in Harare, Zimbabwe.
The deadline for submissions is 31 March 2020.
For any information about the open call please contact mitambointerfest(at)gmail.com, please >>click here to have access the open call information.
Open Call: International Colloquium of Theatre Schools: Trends and Perspectives of Theatre Research
The Teaching in Performing Arts program of the Antonio Nariño University, the Dramatic Arts program of the Central University, the Teaching Performing Arts program of the University of Sonora (Mexico) and the Theatre School Network - RET Colombia, open the call for professors and students to participate in "International Colloquium of Theatre Schools: Trends and Perspectives of Theatre Research from 29 March to 2 April 2020 in Bogota, Colombia.
>>To have more information about the programme please click here, to have >>more info please click here, or contact semillero.siembra@uan.edu.co or coordinador.danzas@uan.edu.co.
Chinese Performing Arts – Issue #1 - Available on the Website of ITI
Shanghai Theatre Academy and International Theatre Institute are proud to announce the online availability of their joint publication “Chinese Performing Arts”. The book is available as a PDF. >>Please click here to download. If you would like to have the printed softcover book, please write to info(at)iti-worldwide.org. (Price 10 Euros plus mailing costs.)
Solidarity for the Reconstruction of the “Scène Espace Themacult”
The Theatre Maoundoh-Culture-Themacult (Director: Ismael Vangdar Dorsouma) and its partners, Lafia Compagnie (Artistic Director: Doro Dimanta) and the association Zon'Action (President: Anicet Djoubana Koublengar) request your solidarity for the reconstruction of its theatre scene, located in N’Djamena in Chad. It hosts, produces, co-produces and programmes various activities (shows, exhibitions, meetings, artistic residencies, etc.). The very bad state of this stage is a hindrance to activities in the space and in the neighbourhoods benefiting from these activities.
If you want to have >>more information about the project, please click here. >>To make an online donation click here.
New Publication – UNESCO & the International Theatre Institute ITI
The General Secretariat is proud to announce a new publication about the relationship of UNESCO & ITI. The 40-page publication illustrates the history of how UNESCO laid the first bricks which became the foundation of “The International Theatre Institute”. It sheds light on how ITI and UNESCO collaborate with each other: the UNESCO National Commissions and the Centres of a country, the country´s delegation to UNESCO in Paris with ITI worldwide. The publication is an invitation for the National Commission of UNESCO and the Centres to mutually assist each other and collaborate. It is a kind request to the National Delegations and National Commissions of UNESCO to help ITI to create Centres in countries where there are no Centres of ITI.
Furthermore, it might be interesting for anyone to find out what the relationship of UNESCO looks like.
The brochure is available in English and French. Spanish is in preparation. You may download the brochure here:
UNESCO & ITI – English version
UNESCO & ITI – version française
The General Secretariat of ITI may send you a copy or copies of the printed version. Please write to info(at)iti-worldwide.org to obtain yours.
The 36th ITI World Congress
As ITI members are asking “Where and when is the next ITI World Congress?”, the General Secretariat would like to inform you that two options have been considered and explored. One location is not yet ready to hold the Congress. For the second option the General Secretariat is in discussion with the concerned Centre and the Ministry of Culture of the country and hopes to give you more information as soon as possible.
New Publication “CULTURE 2030 - Indicators”
This 112-page publication, with a foreword by Ernesto OTTONE, UNESCO Assistant Director-General for Culture, has just been released. It focusses on Culture’s role in sustainable development, the key concepts and approaches; on UNESCO Culture Conventions and Programmes towards the agenda 2030; on the overall purpose and guiding principles; it illustrates how Culture fits in the Sustainable Development Goals and informs about the methodological approach and describes the indicators.
The publication is available in English, French and Spanish (online). You may download the Anglophone and francophone versions here:
CULTURE / 2030 – Indicators English version CULTURE / 2030 - Indicateurs – version française
International Symposium 21st CENTURY ACTORS, Lodz, Poland
The Mieczysław Hertz Theater Institute and The Kazimierz Dejmek New Theatre in Łódź are preparing a project called International Symposium 21st CENTURY ACTORS Methods / Traditions / Explorations. The event will take place in Poland in Łódź from the 23 October-25 October 2020. The aim of the Symposium is to review the acting methods that underline the education and artistic practice of actors in the 21st century, and to present brand new explorations in this field.
>>For more information about the Symposium please click here. To have information’s about the MAT click here. All people interested in participation should contact: sympozjum(at)metacademy.eu and visit their website : http://matacademy.eu/en/
Critical Stages/Scènes Critiques: Call for Articles and Essays
The International Association of Theatre Critics IATC’s Critical Stages/Scènes Critiques, a peer reviewed journal, wish to post a call for articles and essays on the theme of the ‘theatricality of music and the musicality of theatre’. Critics, scholars and art enthusiasts are encouraged to write on the aesthetics, meanings and social implications of music in theatre and, equally, of theatre in music, for a special journal which will be published June 2020.
The maximum length of an essay is 3,500 words, in French or English, and must conform to >>the Style Guide and >>Submission Guidelines. Deadline for submissions is March 2020. For more information email octavian_saiu(at)yahoo.com
International Competition: Dramatic Adaptations of Sholem Aleichem Short Stories
2019 has been declared as “The Sholem Aleichem Year” due to it being the 160th anniversary of the birth of the great Yiddish and international humour celebrity. The writer Sholem Aleichem’s (1859-1916) writings abound with a humanistic outlook and ardent faith in the goodness of people, and as such promote tolerance, understanding, peace and belief in a better future in accordance with the Charter of ITI.
The International Playwrights Forum (IPF) of the ITI, in collaboration with the Israeli Centre of ITI and The Institute for Jewish Theatre, calls upon playwrights and writers worldwide to participate in a competition for the 3 best adaptations of Sholem Aleichem's short stories. The winning plays will be chosen by a jury whose members will be selected by the IPF.
>>Please see the Call for Submissions for further details. The deadline is 30 March 2020.
International Competition: Dramatic Adaptations of Sholem Aleichem Short Stories
2019 has been declared as “The Sholem Aleichem Year” due to it being the 160th anniversary of the birth of the great Yiddish and international humour celebrity. The writer Sholem Aleichem’s (1859-1916) writings abound with a humanistic outlook and ardent faith in the goodness of people, and as such promote tolerance, understanding, peace and belief in a better future in accordance with the Charter of ITI.
The International Playwrights Forum (IPF) of the ITI, in collaboration with the Israeli Centre of ITI and The Institute for Jewish Theatre, calls upon playwrights and writers worldwide to participate in a competition for the 3 best adaptations of Sholem Aleichem's short stories. The winning plays will be chosen by a jury whose members will be selected by the IPF.
>>Please see the Call for Submissions for further details. The deadline is 30 March 2020. >>For the French version of the Call for Submissions please click here
New Centre: ITI Montenegro Centre
Thanks to the initiative of the Italian Centre of ITI, the International Theatre Institute is able to announce to you the Montenegro Centre of ITI. The Executive Council and the General Secretariat are happy to welcome the new Centre and its members.
Their official address is Baja Pivljanina no:4, 81 250 Cetnje, Montenegro and can be reached via zetskidom.us(at)gmail.com Their board is made up of Natasa Kraljevic (President), Slobodan Bozovic (Vice-President), Janko Ljumovic (Vice-President), Lidija Dedovic (General Secretary), Radmila Vojvodic, Nada Vukcevic, Jelena Markovic, Branislav Micunovic and Srdjan Grahovac.
IETM/Theater der Zeit – New Publication
The most recent meeting of the IETM (International Network for Contemporary Performing Arts) in Munich has spawned a new publication which they wish to share with everyone. The new book, published in association with Theater der Zeit, is available in English and German, and tackles theatres role in the world alongside issues such as post-colonialism and diversity.
>>For more information, please click here.
NEXT 2020 Dance World Championships Season
The NEXT 2020 Dance World Championship Season, consisting of the Barcelona Dance Award, from 9 - 13 April 2020 and Dance Grand Prix, in Italy, from 22 - 26 June 2020 is now open for applications.
The events are open to Dance Schools, Companies and Groups from all over the world, and every different type of dance.
For more information and to apply, email dancegrandprix19(at)gmail.com
International Dance Day 2019
The General Secretariat prepared a report of the International Dance Day 2019 event. For those who have not yet received it, you can look into the activities that happened in Seoul in South Korea. >>Please click here to check it.
World Theatre Day 2019
The General Secretariat prepared a report of the World Theatre Day 2019 event. For those who have not yet received it, you can look into the activities that happened in Pesaro and Rome in Italy. >>Please click here to check it.
The Director General’s Congress Report
35th ITI World Congress, 14 to 22 July 2017, Segovia/Spain
The Director General’s Congress Report (35th ITI World Congress) is now available in English and French for download.
>>Please click here to download different versions.
Discover UNESCO Platform for Cultural Policies
UNESCO's Policy Monitoring Platform supports evidence-based policy making for the promotion of the diversity of cultural expressions in the hope of creating more informed, transparent and participatory systems of governance for culture. A new platform detailing their Innovative practices is now available for you all to look at and get involved with. >>To further explore, please click here.
Intercultural Communications Studies MA Programme / Shanghai Theatre Academy
The Shanghai Theatre Academy is creating an MA Programme in Intercultural Communication Studies. This two-year English-taught programme includes the required first year full-time residency and an optional second year residency for project-based internships. Open to international students. Contact: Shirley ZOU micgirl(at)126.com or sta_international(at)163.com. >>For full information please click here.
Open call for actors
Discover ALthattheatre, an innovative project of self-development for the artist. This is a chance to explore the most complex ideas and questions about the Theatre and your place within its sphere. The aim is not to pass on knowledge, but to engage everyone in the development of knowledge for each individual to become a master. The project consists of several weeks of self-preparation already in dialogue with a teacher followed by three work-intensive weeks in Sestola (Italy) conducted by Jurij Alschitz and his team of teachers. This methodological experiment is limited to a selected number of participants to allow for each artist’s individuality to shine through and continuously develop.
>>Please find here the words of Jurij Alschitz himself explaining his ideas in more detail, and >>here the link to apply.
ITI Inter-Europe Artist Exchange Programme
The Committee for Emerging Artists (ITI NEAP) have been busy over the last few months working on projects all over the world. One of these has been the inaugural ITI Inter-Europe Artist Exchange Programme. After ITI Centres agreed to participate in the project, they were paired together in January via a draw and have since been working together to arrange to send emerging artists to their partnering countries for a short artistic residency. The aim is to give emerging artists the opportunity to create original work in a different cultural landscape from that which they're used to, and to give Centres around Europe the opportunity to strengthen ties and work together on a continent-wide project. The pairings are United Kingdom-Greece, Macedonia FYROM-Italy-Russia, and Switzerland-Slovenia. The dates of the exchanges can be found in the image below. So far, the artists selected to represent each country are as follows: United Kingdom: Adam Wheeler; Macedonia FYROM: Gorjan Milosevski; Slovenia: Dorian Silec and Switzerland: Stefanie Bölzli & Robert Diaz.
For more updates on ITI NEAP's activities and to read interviews with each of the selected artists, please like their Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/NEAPofITI/ or for more information about the project, please email the project coordinator Fin Ross Russell at fin(at)islandlifeproductions.com
ITI Panels
Panels introducing ITI to the world have been created in English and French. If you want to see them, they are available in low resolution here. If you want to print them, please send an email to info(at)iti-worldwide.org and we will send you the high-resolution version for quality print.
Network for Higher Education in the Performing Arts
The ITI/UNESCO Network for Higher Education in the Performing Arts is a Network that follows the rules and guidelines of UNITWIN, a programme of the Education Sector of UNESCO, intended to twin academia with UNESCO and support UNESCO to reach their goals. The ITI/UNESCO Network is dedicated to working for the education in the performing arts and intends to follow the humanistic, educational and artistic goals of ITI and UNESCO that are formulated in the Charter of the Network. These are the activities and projects that the Network is undertaking or developing: Conferences, Student Festivals, Directory/Mapping Project, Exchange of Students and Educators, Research Projects, Books, Audio & Multimedia Publications, Exhibitions, Intangible Heritage Research & Preservation, Knowledge & Knowhow Transfer, Competitions, Awards and so on. Please get in touch with the Network if your institution is interested in joining by writing to Chen Zhongwen: chen.zhongwen(at)iti-worldwide.org or if you want to subscribe to the Newsletter of the Network by writing to: Tom Johnson: tom.johnson(at)iti-worldwide.org To read the first Newsletter of the Network for Higher Education in the performing art >>in English please click here, >>in French please click here, and >>in Spanish please click here.
Open Call for Publications in ITI info
Short guidelines for Publications for ITI-info, dedicated to the 70th anniversary of ITI. The idea is to represent Arabian, African, Asian, European and American wonderful Faces of Theatre. Please, contribute your love and pride, your thoughts and knowledge to the joint non-commercial project. Here on pages of the magazine we meet each other again, but with a lot of necessary information to make new contacts and share new channels of collaboration. >>For more information please check the call here.
Toolkit for ITI Centres – Tools for Opening and Running a Centre
For quite a while the members of the General Secretariat assembled all the available information that concerns the opening and running of an ITI Centre and put it together in a publication.. It answers questions such as: Who founded ITI? What is the procedure to open a Centre? What are the ongoing artistic, educational and humanistic activities of ITI? How to go about to approach a National UNESCO Commission? What are the tools for increasing membership? Etc. The Toolkit for ITI Centres is available in English, French and Spanish. Please write to info(at)iti-worldwide.org so that we can send you a copy in the language(s) of your choice. The publication exists in PDF format.