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Russian Centre of ITI
Open call for applications for the "Culture Online" International Award
Entries for the "Culture Online" international award are now open. Applications are accepted on the digital educational project "Culture Online" website until October 15, 2021. In 2021 the organizer of the "Culture Online" international award is the Russian Cultural Foundation in collaboration with the Directorate of the St. Petersburg International Cultural Forum.
>>Click here to know more about the award.
>>Click here to read the terms and conditions.
>>Click here to submit application
Congo Republic Centre of ITI | Celebration of 25 Years Career in Literature and Art - Yvon Wilfride LEWA-LET MANDAH
The Congo Republic Centre of ITI in partnership with The Theatre Autopsy Company are going to organize a Celebration of 25 Years Career in Literature and Art of Yvon Wilfride LEWA-LET MANDAH. The event includes Conferences, theater performances, dance, music, storytelling, slams, writing workshops and training of actors. The Theme: Congolese literature and performing arts, Yvon LEWA-LET MANDAH, a piece of the puzzle.
• 1 - 3 October, 2021 in Pointe-Noire
• 12 - 13 October in Dolisie
• 15 – 17 October, 2021 in Brazzaville
For more information, please email : iticongobrazza(at); ylewalet(at)
Contacts : + 242 06 907 55 38; + 242 05 520 57 93
Egyptian Centre of ITI | Open Call for the International Theater Festival for Southern Youth
23 – 28 February 2022, Luxor (Egypt)
The Seen Foundation for Culture and Creativity announces the beginning of receiving applications for participating in the Sixth session of The International Theater Festival for Southern Youth, in the city of Luxor in Egypt , from 23 to 28 February 2022.
• First and Official Competition
• Second Competition
• Performances of Storytelling Program
The deadline for all the participation applications of the Arab and foreign teams And send the link of the performance is 30 November 2021 ; the names of the accepted applicants will be announced in mid-December 2021.
>>Click here to read the detailed festival information and conditions.
>>Click here to download the Application Form
Korea Republic Centre of ITI
Call for International Performances for the World Duo Performing Arts Festival (WDPAF) 2021
World Duo Performing Arts Festival is hosted by WDPAF Committee and co-organized by WDPAF and Korea Republic Centre of ITI. It is a unique and valued world art festival which aims to share a theatrical study on communication between two individuals, the basic unit of human relations. Due to covid-19 situation worldwide, the performances of international participants will be presented this year from 31 October to 28 November online.
>>Click here to read the detailed information.
Submission Deadline: Sunday, 19 September 2021
Apply to Yveyi Yi / ITI Centre Republic of Korea: iti.korea.yveyi(at)
Iranian Centre of ITI
Call for Entry for the 15th International Street Theater Festival in Marivan
The Iranian Centre of ITI is pleased to inform you that the Dramatic Arts Center of Iran will hold the 15th International Street Theater Festival from 10th to 17th of October 2021 in Marivan, Iran.
The Centre highly appreciate it if you could send information about new productions of your Theater Company. >>Click here to read the detailed information about the Festival.
Contact: Mozhgan Vakili
Emails: dramatic.artcenter.iran(at) ; Mozhganvakili78(at)
North Macedonian Centre of ITI
Results of the Project “ePlays: Skopje Whispers, Cries, and Dramatisations”
The North Macedonian Centre of ITI is happily to share the results of the project - ePlays: Skopje Whispers, Cries, and Dramatisations. The project is organized by the North Macedonian Center of ITI/PRODUKCIJA, and supported by the City of Skopje.
6 ePlays by Young Drama Authors
1. ePlay: Big Deal by Mia Efremova (North Macedonia)
2. ePlay: An artist in starvation by Mia Nikoloska (North Macedonia)
3. ePlay: This Tomb Is A Whorehouse by Nina Plavanjac (Serbia)
4. ePlay: EPILOGUE 2077 by Nikola Kuzelov (North Macedonia)
5. ePlay: A Boy by Sinan Rakipovski (North Macedonia)
6. ePlay: Raw Cut (2010-2014) by Mia Volt (North Macedonia)
>>To view all the ePlays, please click here.
>>Click here to know more about the Project.
World Theatre Training Institute AKT-ZENT/ITI
My System of Stanislavsky
A dialogue meeting between Dr Jurij Alschitz and Dr Olga Lapina in nine monthly Episodes on the Stanislavsky system and its application to contemporary theatre practice. This course interactively addresses theatre practitioners with many hands-on assignments that lead to an all-encompassing deep exploration of the system. A truly advanced training over nine months.
Starting on
Monday 18 October 2021 at 15:00 – 18:00
System and chaos. My life in art.

All themes, all dates, more details: >>click here.
>>Click here to see more programmes and projects.
Argentine Dance Council
Invitation to Watch the September Programme of the Galería de Celebridades
The Argentine Dance Council, Cooperating Member of ITI, is pleased to present the project entitled Galería de Celebridades (Celebrities Gallery) which pay homage to the great Master of Dance in Argentina. It is shown each fortnight on Fridays at 8 pm (Argentine Time) on YouTube. on 3 September dedicated to Renate Schottelius.(Modern dance) Screening 3 classes under the direction of Renate Schottelius. “ARIA” dancer Antonella Zanutto choreograph Renate Schottelius.
On 17 September will be the tenth emission dedicated to Angel Pericet (Spanish dance) Masterly class Screening ”La boda de Luis Alonso” Choreograph and dancer Angel Pericet-
>>You can access the Celebrities Gallery by clicking here.
Or search on YouTube "consejoargentinodeladanza" or "galeríadecelebridades".
IN MEMORIAM ION CARAMITRU - 9 March 1942 – 5 September 2021
A unique personality of the contemporary art, culture and history has just left us. A man of great moral strength, an Artist endowed with an all-round gift, a powerful conscience of unique magnitude, who knew how to perceive time, fathom it and follow the right path. He knew how to fight for his ideals, how to reify and defend them, without receding from his principles. A seductive, irresistible, charismatic presence, displaying a noble, refined elegance. But above all, a MAN, a LEADER, a CONSTRUCTOR, a CREATOR with an astounding vision.
>>Click here to read the full text by Doina Lupu, UNITER / Romanian Centre of ITI
>>Click here to read the additional Text by Georges Banu.
Book of Condolences
>>Please use this book to write your condolense, click here to open it.
Photo: Ion Caramitru during the UNITER Gala 2020
The July Edition of the "UNESCO Tracker Culture & Public Policy" #11 a Special Report on the Meeting of G20 Ministers of Culture
The July 2021 edition carries a special report on the Meeting of G20 Ministers of Culture and their landmark declaration strongly affirming the vital role of culture across the public policy spectrum. The report explores the five main priorities seized by the Ministers of Culture of the world's largest economies for revitalizing global economic and social policy.
To read and download the new brochure as PDF click on the language edition of your choice:

Georgian Centre of ITI
Movement and Physical International Theatre Festival
10-14 September 2021
Georgian Centre of ITI is happy to invite the members of ITI Centres and Cooperating Members of ITI to participate in the first edition of the Movement and Physical International Theatre Festival, which will take place from 10 to 14 September, in the city of Tbilisi in Georgia.
To watch the event playback on YouTube, clicking on the days. Day 1, Day 2, Day 3, Day 4.
Click here to download the programme.
Click here to know more about the festival.
Kasaysayan, Kalinangan, Kinabukasan (History, Culture, Future)
“Rooting for Our History and Culture to Achieve a Better and Resilient Future”
If the creation of policies that are improving the situation of the arts and the performing arts is an issue for you this online event may be of interest for you. It is a two-day event focssing on the issue of History, Culture and Future that is organized by the Regional Development Council of the Western Visayas of the Philippines. Members of ITI are participating in it. It takes place on 11 and 12 August online.
>>Join the live streaming in RCHAC official Facebook page by clicking here.
>>For downloading the tentative programme, please click here. For more information, please write to: Ms. Maria Lourdes B. Miado or Ms. August Melody Andong at nro6(at)
North Macedonian Centre of ITI
Digital Exhibition with the Sound of Thunder: Opera Posters (Visual Recitatives)
Collaborative project with students from the Faculty for Art and Design/EU Skopje.
Artists-Students-Collaborators (Departments for fashion and graphic design): Hristijan Mladenovski, Afra Kahreman, Marko Miletikj, Kristina Laleva, Ivona Panoska; Inspiration: International Opera Day (25 October), Italian Opera Belcanto; Curator/Editor: Ivanka Apostolova Baskar; Video/Sound: Mihailo Apostolov; Acknowledgments: Prof. Gordana Vrencoska, Ass. Elena Makarovska; Production: North Macedonian Centre of ITI/PRODUKCIJA; Skopje 2021
>>For the Facebook Page please click here.
>>For more info please click here.
>>For watching the video, please click here.
International Playwrights’ Forum Philippines
The Philippine Center’s Section of the International Playwrights’ Forum in association with the Philippine Centre of ITI, is glad to announce this new Competition for Emergent Playwrights.
2021 Global Competition for Emergent Playwrights
on issues arising from the
United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)
>>The complete Competition rules are available by clicking here.
For questions, please contact the International Playwrights’ Forum Philippines:
Dr. Anton Juan, Chairperson: ajuan(at)
August Melody Andong, Co-chairperson: august.andong(at)
Tanya P. Lopez, Secretariat: tanyaplopez(at)
IX METHODIKA - International Festival for Theatre Training Methods
The Training as Method
2 to 6 October 2021 in Pescara (Italy)
The event is organized by World Theatre Training Institute AKT-ZENT / ITI Research Centre in cooperation with Istituto Italiano Pedagogia Teatrale.
The Artistic Directior Dr Jurij Alschitz invites artists – teachers, pedagogues, actors, directors – to a unique opportunity to share, discuss and develop the most unusual ideas for theatre training and practice. The structure of the festival will provide participants with a unique opportunity to express unrealised ideas. Primarily, METHODIKA will celebrate the artistic aspect of teaching.
There is no participation fee - you only bring your dreams, visions and ideas.
>>For further information and deadline, please click here.
Happy Birthday Ramendu Majumdar!
"Dear Ramendu,
The General Secretariat of ITI has found out that you have a "round birthday" on 9 August.
Happy birthday to you, Ramendu. We wish you all the best, good health, good friendships and a good life.
The Team of the General Secretariat

>>Here is an article about Ramendu Majumdar published in the Daily Star on 7 August. To read it, please click here.

PS. If someone would like to send Ramendu Majumdar her or his birthday wishes, we suggest that you do it over his Facebook page or with an email to: ramendu(at)
Publications: The Cinema of Tunde Kelani: Aesthetics, Theatricalities and Visual Performances
Edited by Tunde Onikoyi and Taiwo Afolabi
The fast-growing publishing outfit in the United Kingdom, Cambridge Scholars is at the threshold of publishing a collection of articles on the life works and film oeuvre, of Nigerian / African film Director Tunde Kelani. This collection will emerge as the maiden academic textbook to be so devoted to the explication and analysis of some of the most significant of Kelani’s films till date.
>>To know more about the book, please click here.
For inquiries, please contact the editors at tundeonikoyi(at) and taiwo.afolabi(at)
The June Edition of the "UNESCO Tracker Culture & Public Policy" #10 focuses on Young People
The newest edition focuses on Culture and Youth
Today’s young people face unprecedented challenges: not only are they more likely to be unemployed, they also have to face some of the greatest challenges ever experienced by humanity. Young people are also the future guardians of our rich and diverse heritage. They are the dynamos for fresh ideas and creativity.
To read and download the new brochure as PDF click on the language edition of your choice:
New: ITI Event Reports – an invitation to browse, read and watch!
The General Secretariat of ITI has worked extensively to inform you about three main events of ITI: The General Assembly Special Edition (10 to 15 December 2020), World Theatre Day (27 March 2021) and International Dance Day (2021).
All the Reports contain what happened during the three event – such as speeches, presentations, and for World Theatre Day and International Dance Day the messages and performances. Moreover, they give you background information and also the statistics of how many people participated or watch the event.
Each Report that you can open and/or download is an invitation to watch or watch again. Just download it and click on what you want to see … The links are meant to be open when you are using a computer or laptop.
Event Report of theITI General Assembly Special Edition 2020 Report
To view or download the report, please chose your preferred format by clicking on the text below.
Single page edition (format for print out on A4)
Double page edition (format for browsing on computer or laptop)
Croatian Centre of ITI - New Publications
In June 2021 Croatian Centre of ITI published theatre magazine Theatre 85/86 and the new book Plays by young and award-winning Croatian playwright Dino Pešut – both publications are published in Croatian language.
Theatre 85/86 has an abundant content. It contains reviews of theatre premieres from the 2020/2021 season, reviews of theatre books, circus theme, two plays of Croatian playwrights Ivana Sajko & Nina Mitrović and many other interesting theatre texts.
The book "Plays" by Dino Pešut consists of five plays by the young and awarded Croatian playwright. The plays are: (Pret)posljednja panda ili statika, Veliki hotel Bezdan, Stela, polava, H.E.J.T.E.R.I., and Granatiranje.
You can order your copy through the Croatian Centre of ITI. Email hcentariti(at) The price of the magazine Theatre 85/86 is 50,00 kn and Plays by Dino Pešut 160,00 kn.
More info:
Iranian Centre of ITI / Dramatic Arts Centre of Iran
Appel à communications : 8e Séminaire international de représentations théâtrales rituelles et traditionnelles 2021
The Executive Committee of the 8th International Seminar along with holding the 20th Festival of Ritual & Traditional Performances is going to organize some science-research seminars in the following two sections in some areas around classic approaches, contemporary theories of methodology, universal scientific conformity and future vision through inviting Iranian and foreign researchers of ritual and traditional theatre performances.
Iran Centre of ITI / Dramatic Art Center of Iran
Ghader Ashena, General Director Dramatic Arts Centre of Iran
Dr. Hamidreza Ardalan, Seminar Director
Thseminar(at), hamid.r.ardalan(at), dramatic.artcenter.iran(at)
Phone : +98 21 66 70 88 61
Fax : +98 21 66 72 53 16
More information available in English, Arabic and Spanish. Please click on your preferred language.
Les Récréâtrales
LABO ELAN 2021-2024 – Candidates selected!
We are very happy to announce the list of selected candidates to join the ELAN Lab 2021-2024. This new edition is made up of 16 artists from 10 countries of the continent. They will take part in a training-research-creation process deployed over 4 years.
See you from 20 September to 16 October 2021 in Ouagadougou for the first research-training phase of this new promotion! The LABO ELAN was initiated in Ouagadougou in 2014 by Les Récréâtrales, the LABO ELAN is a program to revive theatrical activity in Africa.
For more information on Les Récréâtrales please click here.
Click here to see the list of selected candidates for LABO ELAN 2021-2024
The May Edition of the "UNESCO Tracker Culture & Public Policy" #9 focuses on Culture and Education
The newest edition focuses on Culture & Education: Culture & education as a strategic investment for inclusive and sustainable development
To read and download the new brochure as PDF click on the language edition of your choice:
SDG Resiliart Festival, Forum and Workshops for Health, Wellbeing, Peace and Climate Justice
3 to 10 October 2021 | Manila, Philippines
The "SDG Resiliart Festival, Forum and Workshops for Health, Wellbeing, Peace and Climate Justice" is an exercise in cultural diplomacy, popularizing the pillars of the entire UN system through culture and art. Whilst this event will be held in October 2021, it draws its inspiration from the previous meetings held in Manila (Philippines) and Cartagena (Colombia), organized by UNESCO Dream Centre in the Philippines and SSCC in Colombia. Following the anticipated adoption of the Manila Platform of Action, the work will continue in the years to come, as a campaign of mobilizing a rainbow army of artists to fight for peace, wellbeing and climate justice through the powerful medium of art.
Click here to view or download the provisional program.
Experience Hektomeron: 25 Hours of Performances
Project under the Patronage of ITI and the ITI/UNESCO Network for Higher Education in the Performing Ars
Start: Monday, 21 June, 18h00 Paris Time / Duration 25 hours
Experience one of the richest current online theatre productions. The whole project comprises 100 directors from 100 different countries and it is probably the longest theatre performance and the most complex performative process to date.
The National Theatre of Craiova in Romania has produced this event over three months, connecting all the participants with the help of internet apps.
Click here to know more and watch it here:
New regular UNESCO Publication “The Tracker on Culture and Public Policy”
There is a new regular online publication in which UNESCO is presenting essential data about what is happening on the world. It is called “The Tracker – Culture & Public Policy”. Click here to read what Mr. Ernesto Ottone, the UNESCO Assistant Director-General for Culture stated in the Special Edition of the Tracker, April 2021.
Here are the titles of the issues that have been published so far. Just click on the title in bold letters below to download or read the PDF of each issue:
The Tracker Issue 8 / Special Issue: Focus on a Year of Covid-19
The Tracker Issue 7: Focus on Culture and Peace Building
The Tracker Issue 6: Focus on Cultural Tourism
The Tracker Issue 5: Focus on Creative Economy
The Tracker Issue 4: Focus on Culture and Climate Change
The Tracker Issue 3: Focus on the Future Work
The Tracker Issue 2: Focus on Culture and Digital Technologies
The Tracker Issue 1: Focus on Culture and Multilateralism
To be informed regularly, visit or write to Culture.Forum(at)
Essential UNESCO Publication: Culture in Crisis: Policy guide for a resilient creative sector
The COVID-19 pandemic and the crisis it created have had a devastating effect on the cultural and creative industries, revealing and magnifying their pre-existing volatility.
The UNESCO Publication “Culture in Crisis” offers advice on how to respond to the most pressing needs and how to induce the structural changes needed to strengthen the resilience of the cultural and creative industries and prepare for the future.
You may download the UNESCO Publication (56 pages) in the following languages, by clicking on the name of the language.
Korean 한국어
UNESCO Publication Culture 2030 | Indicators
Culture|2030 Indicators was published by the Culture Sector of UNESCO on the occasion of the Forum of Ministers of Culture at UNESCO Headquarters in Paris.
The Culture|2030 indicators is a framework of thematic indicators whose purpose is to measure and monitor the progress of culture’s enabling contribution to the national and local implementation of the Goals and targets of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, both as a sector of activity, and transversally across other sectors. The Culture | 2030 Indicators combine a variety of data, including quantitative and qualitative indicators, and will rely as much as possible on existing data sources.
For more information visit the Culture | 2030 Indicators website
You may download the UNESCO Publication (around 120 pages) in the following languages, by clicking on the name of the language.
ITI/UNESCO Network for Higher Education in the Performing Arts
New “Visual Presentation” about the ITI/UNESCO Network
The Secretariat of the ITI/UNESCO Network for Higher Education in the Performing Arts has created a visual presentation that is available for ITI Centres, educational and research institutions and persons who are working in this field. It gives information about vision, mission and goals, describes all the ongoing and planned projects. You also find a list about all the current members – educational and research institutions.
For downloading the visual presentation click here.
Scholarships Crowdfunding for the Zimbabwe Theatre Academy
Young people who want to be trained as actors/creaters at the Zimbabwe Theatre Academy need your financial support. That is why Brian Weaver (Portland Playhouse) and Lloyd Nyikadzino (Zimbabwe Theatre Academy) have launched a crowdfunding initiative.
>>Watch the video on YouTube
>>Click here to know more
If you have any questions please write to Brian Weaver or Llyod Nyikadzino
brian(at) ; lloydnyikadzino(at)
More information:
Zimbabwe Theatre Academy: Facebook Page
Portland Playhouse: Website
Helen MIRREN talks about Theatre on World Theatre Day 2021
ITI is extremely happy to share with you an interview of Helen MIRREN, the World Theatre Day 2021 Message Author, during which she talks about her understanding on theatre and the future of theatre. ITI is particularly grateful to Helen MIRREN for it. This short interview with Helen MIRREN was done via Zoom on 27 March 2021, conducted by Fabio TOLLEDI and Roberta QUARTA, President and Coordinator of the Italian Centre of ITI.
>>Click here to watch the video.
Italian Centre of ITI | Chi è di scena? ITI Meets the World
Thursday, 15 April, 16:00 h Paris Time: ITI meets ITI Croatia
Monday, 19 April, 16:00 h Paris Time: ITI meets ITI Spain
Thursday, 22 April, 16:00 h Paris Time: ITI meets ITI Macedonia
Thursday, 6 May, 16:00 h Paris Time: ITI meets ITI United Kingdom
The meetings are organized by the Italian Centre of ITI in collaboration with ITI worldwide. People who are interested in participating in the meeting, please write to iti.italiancentre(at)
>>Interested persons can watch the programme on Facebook, without registration Link.
Slovak Centre of ITI / The Theatre Institute Bratislava
GREEN DRĀMA - 15 New Slovak Environmental Plays
GREEN DRĀMA, the project initiated by the Theatre Institute that spanned over two years, brought together fifteen Slovak playwrights and three dramaturges – Vladislava Fekete, Andrea Dӧmeová and Miriam Kičiňová. It has been coordinated by the dramaturge Lenka Čepková, with methodological guidance by the theatre theorist Milo Juráni. The stage texts are brought in English translation by Lucia Faltin.
>>To access the link on YouTube, click here.
To receive full text of any of the plays, please send an email to Ms Eva Fačková: eva.fackova(at)
Share Your Voice of Love, Encouragement and Support
The current global pandemic shakes the world with anxiety, fear and even hatred. It is time for every one of us to be active and to use the best tools we have – the dialogue and communication that is inherent in the performing arts to go through this global health crisis.

The General Secretariat is receiving a lot of words of love, encouragement and support from all parts of the world, and all these letters deserve to have more readers.

>>Please click here to read and watch
ITI Partner Organizations | SIBMAS - International Association of Libraries, Museums, Archives and Documentation Centres of the Performing Arts
Save the Victoria & Albert Museum Theatre & Performance Department!
SIBMAS, ITI's Partner Organizations that is dealing with Libraries, Museum, Archives and Documentation Centres of the Performing Arts ask ITI and its members to sign the petition to save the department of Theatre and Performance.
>>Click here to know more
To make this issue public SIBMAS arranged an online petition at
Please help spread the news about this petition as widely as you can.”
More info about the campaign, >>please visit the SIBMAS website
Mexican Centre of ITI UNESCO - New release: TEATRO magazine #27
The TEATRO magazine was created with the intention of disseminating research, analysis, history, and trends of theatre in Mexico and in the world.
TEATRO magazine is a yearly publication in Spanish and English, with important national or international theatre artists expressing their vision and knowledge about theatre and performing arts. The TEATRO Magazine is free to distribute, the authors submit their article without payment. And it doesn’t run ads or sponsorships.
This year, according to the situation of the pandemic, only a limited number has been printed and distributed. It exists as a PDF that can be downloaded for free: >>Please click here to view and download TEATRO magazine #27
The Mexican Centre of ITI UNESCO is grateful for the continuous support of the cultural institutions of Mexico and the national and international artistic community. Thanks to this support, the publication has reached its edition 27th edition.
North Macedonian Centre of ITI
The North Macedonian Centre ITI/PRODUKCIJA has published a series of e-books on Theatre Plays, Theatre Comics, Utopian Set Designs, Set Design Elaborates, Photo eBooks and promotional eBooks.
Please visit the eBooks catalogue and support the upcoming publications.
Publishers North Macedonian Centre ITI/Produkcija
>>Access the eBooks catalogue by clicking here.
ITI General Secretariat Team Report 2017 - 2020
During the General Assembly Special Edition 2020, the Headquarters of ITI invited the ITI Centres, the ITI Committees, Forums and Networks and the Partner Organizations of ITI to present their past, current and future work. After the event, the Heaquarters of ITI put the individual videos and the videos day by day on the website Anyone can watch them on this website.
For time reason, the General Secretariat of ITI did not present its works. That is why it created the ITI General Secretariat Team Report 2017-2020. It is available in English and French.
The headquarters of ITI cordially invite you to download the brochure and take a look at it.
>>English version
>>English version double page
>>Version française
>>Version française double page
Chinese Performing Arts – Issue #2 for download
The Shanghai Theatre Academy (STA) and the International Theatre Institute (ITI) are proud to announce the second edition of the Chinese Performing Arts Journal. Tobias Biancone and Gong Baorong, the two Editors-in-Chief, invite you to participate in a journey of the Chinese Drama and even Classical Xiqu. The topics of this issue are: Studies of Cao Yu, the Early Form of Modern Chinese Drama, Chinese Experimental Theatre, Theatre and Artists (Beijing People´s Art Theatre & Pu Cunxin), an Introduction in Classical Xiqu (part 2) and an Inventory of Chinese Theatre in 2019.
You may download the publication
>>One-sided version
>>Double-sided version
If you are interested in downloading the first edition, please write to info(at)
ITI/UNESCO Network - Online Second Student Festival, Monday to Sunday, 13 to 19 July 2020.
The Online Second Student Festival is a collaboration between the Piccolo Teatro di Milano, the ITI/UNESCO Network and eight participating institutions. It consists of:
• 8 Student Performances from Network Members Institutions from Burkina Faso, Colombia, Iran, Italy, Singapore, South Korea, Spain and Ukraine.
• 8 After-Show Discussions in which you can participate or contribute in registering yourself
• A Student Conference in which you can participate in registering yourself
The full information and programme about the Online Second Student Festival can be accessed over the special designed website for it, >>please click here.
>>For downloading the brochure, click here.
>>For downloading the program, click here.
This new book, released in June 2020 by the Desert Hearts Media in the United Kingdom, is an important publication, that is intended to be “For everyone who teaches the performing arts in schools everywhere.”
Equal Stages, Standing Up for Identity and Integrity in the Performing, Volume 1is a publication that is showing the reader of how diverse theatre is made in the UK and Ireland.
Published in association with the Other National Theatre, Morecambe, and the International Theatre Institute, Equal Stages is a ground-breaking overview of diversity, representation, visibility and inclusion in the live performing arts, particularly theatre. It’s an interlocking snapshot of the industry provided by 40 interviews with a diverse range of 42 people who work in everything from performance to running venues, from writing to marketing, fringe theatre to international festivals. What they share is the vision and drive to break new ground for culture to make a difference in society.
Moreover, the book is designed to be an accessible resource, that is why includes an eight-page glossary of performing arts terms.
>>List of the Interviewees, please click here.
>>Biography Nick Awde, please click here.
Equal Stages, Standing Up for Identity and Integrity in the Performing Arts, Volume 1 By Nick Awde, 594pp | paperback | £24.99 | ISBN: 9781908755384
The book can be ordered directly from Orders and Press inquiries: Nick Awde– / +44 (0)79 6115 4590
ITI Panels
Panels introducing ITI to the world have been created in English and French. If you want to see them, they are available in low resolution here. If you want to print them, please send an email to info(at) and we will send you the high-resolution version for quality print.