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Lifetime Achievement Award for Ramendu Majumdar
Ramendu Majumdar, Honorary President of ITI, has received the Lifetime Award, offered by the Bangladesh Brand Forum BFF in collaboration with Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity. He received this Special Recognition as a Bangladeshi actor, stage director, and theatre producer for his visionary leadership, unwavering commitment, and transformative contributions to our advertising industry. The ITI Newsletter congratulates the Honorary President of ITI for getting this award.
International Playwrights’ Forum IPF
“The Border Crosser – The Case of Martha Schwartz” – Radio Drama to be produced by the National Swiss Radio Broadcaster
Ursula Werdenberg, author/dramaturg and General Secretary of the International Playwrights´ Forum and Raju Schwarz, interdisciplinary author, both from Switzerland, presented their radio drama during the Austrian Audio Drama Days (a platform for exceptional audio drama productions from Austria, Germany and Switzerland), earlier this year. More information:
Iranian Centre of ITI | Call for Entry of 42nd Fadjr International Theatre Festival -2024
The Iranian Centre of ITI, Dramatic Arts Centre of Iran (DAC) is please to inform you that the 42nd Fadjr International Theatre Festival will take place from 21 to 31 January in Tehran, Iran. The Iranian Centre highly appreciates if you could send the new production of your company. The application should reach by the deadline of the 6 November 2023. The selection Committee will announce the invited international guest Performances through international affaires office of Dramatic Arts centre.
Know more about the call for the festival in English, Arabic, Chinese, French, Russian, Spanish
>>Please click here to download Application Form.
North Macedonian Centre of ITI | Two New eBooks by North Macedonian Centre ITI /PRODUKCIJA 2023 ePlay: OVERVIEW EFFECT (22 scenes)
2023 ePlay: OVERVIEW EFFECT (22 scenes)
New eBooks by North Macedonian Centre ITI /PRODUKCIJA – Results from the Playwrights workshop, Mentors: Walter Prete (Italy), Gustavo D`Aversa (Italy), (Skopje, 2023)
2023, ePlay: AFTER 2030 (Dramatic Manifestos)
New eBooks by Macedonian Center ITI /PRODUKCIJA - Results from the Visual Dramaturgy / Choreographic Dramaturgy Workshop, Mentors: Ivanka Apostolova Baskar; Iskra Sukarova (Lecce, 2023)
For more detailed information, please click here.
July & August Newsletter of the Iranian Centre of ITI
Considering the importance of crossing geographical boundaries and introducing the capabilities of Iranian drama, performing arts and activities, The Iranian Centre of ITI, Dramatic Arts Centre of Iran (DAC) find it necessary to publish the newsletter on a monthly basis. The July and August Newsletter is available.
Please click here to read or download July Newsletter of the Iranian Centre of ITI.
Please click here to read or download August Newsletter of the Iranian Centre of ITI.
World Theatre Training Institute AKT-ZENT/ITI
The Art of Rehearsal - Blended Course for Directors, Teachers and Actors
Directing practice, Masterclass with Dr. Jurij Alschitz
8 October: Online Introduction
12–16 October Practical Studio Work in Berlin
The most important thing in a director's work is not to invent a performance, but to realize it with the actors on stage. The actor is the most important, the most difficult, the most unpredictable "material" that the director meets in the process of creating a performance. Dr. Jurij Alschitz proposes two innovative rehearsal methods to investigate on stage.
More information & registration
International Dance Day 2023 Report
The General Secretariat is thrilled to present the report on the mesmerizing International Dance Day 2023 event. For those who were unable to witness this extraordinary celebration firsthand, please explore the captivating activities that unfolded in Shanghai, China.
>>Please click here to look at it.
Croatian Centre of ITI | International Drama Colony in Grožnjan, Croatia 2023
This year, the International Drama Colony takes place from July 2 to 9 in the organization of the Croatian Centre ITI and in cooperation with the Estonian organization Estonian Theatre Agency and the Estonian Centre ITI and the Academy of Dramatic Arts in Zagreb.
The international drama colony "From text to play" has been held continuously since 1999, organized by the Croatian ITI Center. This seven-day residential program was launched with the aim of verifying and promoting foreign and domestic texts in the form of staged readings that have ambient features because the performances take place in the colorful exteriors of Grožnjan.
For more detailed information, please click here.
In Memoriam
Tribute to Julian Sands
4 January 1958 – 13 January 2023
John Malkovich on Julian Sands’ Death
John Malkovich said that he and Sands were “the greatest of friends since we met doing the film called The Killing Fields in 1983, the first film I ever did. We stayed incredibly close since then. I’ll miss him every day of my life, but such is life. You lose a lot along the road until you’re lost. And that’s the way life ends, I’m afraid. I’m very sad about it, but obviously of course mostly for his children.”
>>Click here to read more.
Please click here to find out more about his life and work:
Internet Movie Database
Announcement of the New Executive Council and Executive Board
The General Secretariat is delighted to announce the new members to the Executive Council. They were elected during our 36th World Congress held in February in Fujairah UAE. Part of the Executive Council is also the DG – ex officio.
Click here to view all the members.
Click here to read the announcement.
Cyprus Centre of ITI | International Festival of Ancient Greek Drama 2023
Four productions will be presented in this year’s International Festival of Ancient Greek Drama, co-organised by the Deputy Ministry of Culture, the Cyprus Centre of the International Theatre Institute ITI and the Deputy Ministry of Tourism.
The International Festival of Ancient Greek Drama raises its curtain once again and is ready to offer to the public a month, full of inspiring theatrical moments. The audience will enjoy four productions of high artistic level, contemporary aesthetic and artistic approach by a group of prominent theatre organisations. This year’s Festival will take place from 10 July to 5 August, 2023.
Know more about the festival, please click here.
ITI Publications Committee IPC | Call for Articles: 14th Edition of "The World of Theatre"
Deadline: 31 March 2024
The ITI Publications Committee (IPC) is pleased to announce the call for articles for the upcoming 14th edition of "The World of Theatre" (English version). This publication reflects the collective effort of all ITI Centres worldwide and provides essential information and promotion for the International Theatre Institute. After a gap of seven years, we are excited to bring out this new edition in September 2024.
Please note that final articles must be delivered by 31 March 2024 via email to Ramendu Majumdar at ramendu(at)
For further details on editorial guidelines please click here.
To know more about the call please click here
Theatre Yearbook 2023 – Theatre in Japan
The Japanese Centre of ITI has published “Theatre Yearbook” since 1972, covering developments in the Japanese performing arts. The publication “Theatre Yearbook” has laid a firm foundation for activities that seek to gain knowledge of the relationship between Japan and the world, to deepen mutual understanding by positioning Japan within the global network, and to realize cultural development and peace. You can now download or read this publication online, available both in English and Japanese.
To find out more about "Theatre Yearbook," please click here.
International Dance Day 2023
Expression of Gratitude
The team of the ITI General Secretariat would like to express its deepest gratitude to the co-organizers Shanghai Theatre Academy and the China Dance Association, as well as all the supporting institutions and parties for their contribution to the celebration of International Dance Day 2023, which was successfully concluded on Sunday, 30 April 2023.
>>Click here to read the full press.
>>For watching the video with YANG Liping reading the message please click here.
>>For watching the Gala Night, please click here.
>>For looking at the photos of the whole event please click here.
North Macedonian Centre of ITI | Theatre Workshop – Unknown Memory of Conflicts 2023
Designed and performed by the mentor Fabio Tolledi in Skopje, organized by the North Macedonian Center ITI/PRODUKCIJA. The workshop was focused on methodologies from the social theatre and creating theatre in conflict zones. The workshop was focused on the professional theatre and performing arts practitioners (actors, actresses, theatre directors, playwrights, poets—performers).
More information via the following links:
Album Day 1: Facebook; Instagram
Album Day 2: Facebook; Instagram
Album Day 3: Facebook; Instagram
Network of Emerging Arts Professionals NEAP
Open Call for the 3rd Edition of the NEAPFEST BRASIL: IATE-ITI Diasporas
7 – 14 November 2023 in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
The Network of Emerging Arts Professionals NEAP prepares the third edition of the International Theatre Exchange Festival -NEAPFEST BRASIL: IATE-ITI Diasporas, now is calling international artists to submit a performance, workshop, or to be considered to participate in a round table discussion or artistic residency.
If you are a company or a solo artist looking to submit a performance, workshop, and/or to be considered for the round tables, please click here to fill the form.
Click here to know more about the NEAPFEST.
Please email info(at) if you have further questions!
“Silk Road” Traditional Performing Arts Festival and International Symposium
16 - 21 October 2023, Shanghai, China
Shanghai Theatre Academy (STA) invites the Network Members to apply for participation in the “Silk Road” (Belt and Road) Traditional Performing Arts Festival and International Symposium, which will be held from 16 to 21October 2023. The event is co-hosted by Shanghai Theatre Academy and the International Theatre Institute ITI. The activities will include student performances of traditional performing arts and an international symposium themed “Traditional Performing Arts in the Digital Age” to explore the development of traditional performing arts in this digital age.
Traditional Performing Arts Festival | Application deadline: 30 June 2023.
Please submit your application to stafestival(at)
International Symposium | Application deadline: 30 August 2023.
Please submit your application to staconference(at)
>>Click here to know more info about the programme in English; Chinese.
>>Click here to download the application form
Chinese Performing Arts – Issue 6, dedicated to the Huangmeixi
Shanghai Theatre Academy, member of ITI/UNESCO Network for Higher Education in the Performing Arts, is pleased to announce that the No.6 issue of Chinese Performing Arts is now available. The magazine covers the topics of today’s stage of China, the spread of Chinese Theatre and the introduction of Chinese plays and artists. This No.6 issue focuses on the development and the studies of Huangmeixi.
>>Click here to download or read the publication.
UNESCO Courier – Translation: From one world to another
UNESCO is continuing to publish its “UNESCO Courier”. It is published quarterly and promotes the ideals of UNESCO by sharing ideas on issues of international concern relevant to its mandate. The ITI Newsletter team is picking up the UNESCO Courier focusing on “Translation” as a translator is a bridge-builder that has to overcome language barriers. Just think of the value a translator has when he or she brings a play from one language to another. Think of what it means for a playwright´s play performed in another country. Think of what translations means to an ITI World Congress when the simultaneous translators are making keynotes spoken in English to be understood in French, or vice versa.
The UNESCO Courier with the theme of Translation is available in:
English, French, Spanish, Russian, Arabic, Mandarin and Esperanto. To download it just click on the language.
Samiha AYOUB, Egypt
World Theatre Day Message Author for 2023
It is our great pleasure and honour to officially announce that Samiha AYOUB from Egypt, the outstanding Egyptian actress, has been selected to write the World Theatre Day Message for 2023. Here you find the Message and biography as well as two photos:
• World Theatre Day Message 2023 in Arabic (original) in PDF and Word
• World Theatre Day Message 2023 in English (translation) in PDF and Word
• World Theatre Day Message 2023 in French (translation) in PDF et Word
• Biography Samiha AYOUB in English as PDF and Word
• Biographie de Samiha AYOUB en français, en PDF et Word
Photo Samiha AYOUB 1 (jpg)
Photo Samiha AYOUB 2 (jpg)
Thanks to All the Organizers and Participants of the 36th ITI World Congress
The 36th ITI World Congress came to a successful conclusion on 25 February 2023 in the City of Fujairah, in the United Arab Emirates. The Congress attracted over 250 international participants from 78 countries around the world. 58 ITI Centres and 12 Committees, Project Groups, Forums and Networks were presented.
All the ITI Members have been waiting for this on-site gathering opportunity for long and the participants have witnessed many dialogues, exchanges and achievements during the Congress. This Congress would not be possible without the great support from our Congress host, the Fujairah government, His Highness, the Crown Prince of Fujairah and of course, each and every one of you, as a participant.
Thank you for all the support and vive ITI!
Stay tuned to the Congress official website and Facebook page, more content and photos during the Congress will be published later.
Director General's Report 2017 – 2022 Available Online Now!
The English and French version of the Director General's Report 2017 - 2022 are available online now.
To view or download the report, please chose your preferred format by clicking on the text below.
Director General's Report 2017 - 2022 English: double page; single page
Director General's Report 2017 - 2022 French: double page; single page
Iranian Centre of ITI | Call for Entry 2nd Pantomime International Theatre Festival in Zanjan, Iran
Application deadline: 21 May 2023
The Iranian Centre of ITI - the Dramatic Arts Centre (DAC) - is pleased to inform you that the 2nd Pantomime International Theatre Festival will take place from 2 to 6 July 2023 in Zanjan, Iran.
>>Click here for more detail information
>>Click here to download the Application Form
Contact: dramatic.artcenter.iran(at) ; dac.internationalaffairs(at) Website:
Celebrate the Year of the Greatest Mimes 2023
The year 2023 is very important for the world of mime, physical theatre and dance, therefore for a huge number of performers and creators around the world.
2023 marks the 100th years of the birth of the llegendary French mime Marcel Marceau (born on 22 March 1923) an 125th years of the birth of the “father of modern mime” Etienne Decroux (born on 19 July 1898) . That is why the members of the World Mime Organization (WMO) have unanimously decided to officially declare the year of 2023 as THE YEAR OF THE GREATEST MIMES
2023 will be a worldwide celebration of the 100th birthday of Marcel Marceau and the 125th birthday of Etienne Decroux.
>>Click here to know more.
The International Theatre Institute ITI, the world’s largest organization for the performing arts, has given its patronage for THE YEAR OF THE GREATEST MIMES. For contributing to the year-long activities or for getting any further information, please contact the World Mime Organisation: office(at);; phone: +381 11 2652 557 or +381 60 0320 169.
Ceremony for Theodoros Terzopoulos – receiving the third Yuri Lyubimov International Theatre Award in Tbilisi, Georgia
After Anatoli Vassiliev and Tadashi Suzuki the third Yuri Lyubimov International Theatre Award has bestowed to Theodoros Terzopoulos, the founder of the Theatre Olympics, eminent Greek theatre director, educator and leader of the Attis Theatre. The Ceremony was organized on 16 October in the Rustaveli Theatre in Tbilisi. >>Click here to know more.
Chinese Performing Arts – Issue 5, dedicated to the Cantonese Yueju
This No. 5 Issue focuses on the development and the studies of Cantonese Yueju Opera. Rooted in the Cantonese-speaking provinces of Guangdong and Guangxi in south-eastern China, Cantonese Yueju opera is characterized by a combination of string and percussion instruments, with elaborate costumes and face painting. It also incorporates stunts and fights using real weapons and drawing on the Shaolin martial arts, as illustrated by the central Wenwusheng role that demands proficiency in both singing and fighting. Yueju opera is popular throughout China and provides a cultural bond among Cantonese speakers in the country and abroad. In 2009, the art form was inscribed on the Representative List of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity of UNESCO.
>>Click here to download or read the publication.
Mondiacult 2022: States adopt historic Declaration for Culture
Mondiacult 2022, the largest world conference devoted to culture in the last 40 years, brought together nearly 2,600 participants over three days in Mexico City. At UNESCO’s and Mexico’s invitation, 150 States sent delegations to the conference, 135 of them were represented at the highest level by ministers of culture.
Culture has a fundamental role in our societies. Through culture people can discover their common humanity and become free and enlightened citizens. Yet, despite progress, it still does not have the place it deserves in public policies and international cooperation. Mondiacult 2022 is a powerful signal to change this. The Declaration adopted today is a commitment to action.
For accessing the full declaration in the six main UNESCO languages, please click on your preferred language below:
Français / French
Español / Spanish
Русский / Russian
العربية / Arabic
中文/ Chinese
Watch some of the events on the Mondiacult website, please click here.
Mondiacult Publication – Resiliart 100
During the Mondiacult Event in Mexico, the publication ResiliArt 100 was released. It contains statements by Ms Audrey Azoulay, DG UNESCO, statistics and statements of 100 culture personalities from all over the world such as from Mohamed Saif Al-Afkham, President ITI worldwide (page 125), and Hamadu Mandé (page 104), Vice-President ITI worldwide.
You can download the publication (only in English) by clicking here.
Japanese Centre of ITI | Request for Feedback on Digital Archives of Japanese Theatre
Japanese Centre of International Theatre Institute ITI has been working on a project for preservation and utilisation of video of performing arts in Japan. This project’s aims are to promote commercial distribution by digitally archiving stage performance video and supporting rights handling, and to increase profitability by suggesting new ways to utilise the video through search and portal sites. We would like to ask the Centres of ITI to watch the following two websites: Japan Digital Theatre Archives (JDTA) and STAGE BEYOND BORDERS (SBB)
In order to let Japanese theatre known by people from all over the world, we would like to get feedback on the usability of these two websites (JDTA and SBB) from the perspective of the Centres of ITI who collect information on performing arts internationally on a daily basis.
For further information about the project, please click here.
International Dance Day 2022 Event Report: An Invitation to (Re-)Experience
The Report of the International Dance Day 2022 Celebration which was held on Friday, 29 April 2022 is ready now. It is a Report that will allow you to watch or re-watch both online and on-site celebrations. To view or download the report, please chose your preferred format by clicking on the text below.
>>Single page version (format for browsing on computer or laptop)
>>Double page version (format for browsing on computer or laptop)
Croatian Centre of ITI | Dance Magazine Movements 35/36
About Margarita FROMAN, Founder of Professional Zagreb Ballet
Croatian Centre of ITI is proud to present Dance Magazine Movements 35/36. This double issue of Movements 35/36 fully dedicates to Margarita FROMAN, ballet dancer, choreographer, director and ballet pedagogue.
The Dance Committee of the Croatian Centre ITI in 2020 organised a symposium ahead of the 100th anniversary of Margarita FROMAN's arrival in Zagreb. The selected, skilled experts from the field of history, theory and artistic practice of Croatian ballet, dance, folklore, music, visual art, theatre, and cinema answered the invitation and we were joined by two important guests from Belgrade, and the symposium took place in an intimate but open and quite inspiring atmosphere of an exchange of knowledge, opinion and personal archives.
Readers now have a collection of papers which sheds a critical light and multiply documents Margarita FROMAN’s artistic activity, as well as the complex time and context that befell her. >>Click here to view or download the digital version of the magazine. Know more about the Croatian Centre of ITI, please visit
UNESCO | The Tracker Culture & Public Policy
The January 2022 Edition #16: Focus on Culture Diplomacy
Cutting Edge examines the increasing prominence of cultural diplomacy in international relations and the shift to more mutually-beneficial cooperative models. Culture has a unique power for building trust and opening conduits for dialogue. Furthermore, cultural diplomacy helps enhance a country's national and local cultural assets with multiple benefits.
To read and download the new brochure as PDF, click on the language edition of your choice:
Report of the ITI/UNESCO Network Special Connecting Event 2021
The Report of the ITI/UNESCO Network Special Connecting Event 2021 which was held from 13 to 17 December 2021 is ready now. It is a Report that will allow you to watch or re-watch the presentations of the Members of the ITI/UNESCO Network, the Welcome Address, the Dialogues with an Artist, the Breakout Sessions and the Open Space.
You may download the report
>>Single page version
>>Double page version
Ramendu Majumdar: Theatre Worldwide – My ITI Years
What the ITI Newsletter announced last year when Ramendu Majumdar celebrated his Birthday has “become true”: The Honorary President of ITI used the pandemic to write his ITI memoirs. Ramendu Majumdar tells us his own story. It gives us an insight into the development of the Bangladesh Centre of ITI – and ITI worldwide. It is proof of the personal perseverance he has experienced with ITI, which resulted in him becoming the President of ITI and gaining the title of Honorary President of ITI. The publication is a veritable cornucopia of facts and experiences of viewpoints through his times with the International Theatre Institute.
The book has been published by the University Press Limited, ISBN 978 984 506 378 4. Hardcover, 196 pages, with colour photos. 35 US-Dollars, 30 Euros. On request, an ITI Centre may receive a free copy. Please allow ample time for sending you the copy. The book can be ordered over news(at)
Mexican Centre of ITI UNESCO - New release: TEATRO magazine #28
Mexcian Centre of ITI is happily to present the no.28 issue of the magazine TEATRO "Virtual Theater", with the collaboration of many colleagues, artists and dear friends from Mexico and other centers by ITI.
The Mexican Centre of ITI UNESCO is grateful for the continuous support of the cultural institutions of Mexico and the national and international artistic community. Thanks to this support, the publication has reached its edition 28th edition.
>>Please click here to view and download
International Playwrights’ Forum IPF
Vijay Padaki – Legendary Indian Playwright Book Releases
Vijay Padaki, a member of the International Playwrights’ Forum just released three new books in a series of 10 books that the Vitasta Publishing Company dedicated to this extraordinary Indian playwright. They are available over some of the Amazon websites, or you may order them from the publishing house.
Vijay Padaki is a Theatre Educator who has been part of the Bangalore Little Theatre since its inception in 1960. More recently, the Ministry of Culture invited Vijay to initiate a programme of Arts and Heritage Management in India. Vijay has written over 50 original plays. In 1993, Vijay won the award for the best contemporary play script instituted by The Hindu for the play Credit Titles. Contact: vijay(at)
UNITED NATIONS | #Faith4Rights Toolkit
The United Nations have created a Toolkit called “Faith for Rights” that is of interest not only for those who work in the field of Human Rights but also for artists, namely performing artists. This toolkit builds on a wealth of comparable tools by several UN agencies that have been integrated into the #Faith4Rights toolkit. It also illustrates artistic expressions as learning tools and offers built-in links to relevant resources faith actors would need. The annex proposes several cases to debate, which illustrate the intersectionality of the 18 commitments and enhance the skills of faith actors to manage religious diversity in real-life situations towards the shared aims of “Faith for Rights”. For any enquiries, please send an email to: faith4rights(at)
>>The toolkit can be downloaded by clicking here.
Theatre Diplomacy During the Cold War – Volume 1 to 5
This multi-volume work began as a biography of Martha Coigney, who was a pioneering thought leader and advocate of internationalism in the American theatre during one of the most challenging periods in modern U.S. history. Martha Coigney served as President of the International Theatre Institute (ITI) from 1987-1995 and afterwards became an Honorary President of ITI.
For all those who are interested in the History of ITI, and the development of ITI, this multi-volume work is a must to read. It is available: - over the website of the publisher XLIBRIS
- over
As the book is not inexpensive, you also may download an ebook for a reasonable price over the stores of Kindle Amazon, Apple Books or Google Play Books.
New: ITI Event Reports – an invitation to browse, read and watch!
The General Secretariat of ITI has worked extensively to inform you about three main events of ITI: The General Assembly Special Edition (10 to 15 December 2020), World Theatre Day (27 March 2021) and International Dance Day (2021).
All the Reports contain what happened during the three event – such as speeches, presentations, and for World Theatre Day and International Dance Day the messages and performances. Moreover, they give you background information and also the statistics of how many people participated or watch the event.
Each Report that you can open and/or download is an invitation to watch or watch again. Just download it and click on what you want to see … The links are meant to be open when you are using a computer or laptop.
Event Report of theITI General Assembly Special Edition 2020 Report
To view or download the report, please chose your preferred format by clicking on the text below.
Single page edition (format for print out on A4)
Double page edition (format for browsing on computer or laptop)
Essential UNESCO Publication: Culture in Crisis: Policy guide for a resilient creative sector
The COVID-19 pandemic and the crisis it created have had a devastating effect on the cultural and creative industries, revealing and magnifying their pre-existing volatility.
The UNESCO Publication “Culture in Crisis” offers advice on how to respond to the most pressing needs and how to induce the structural changes needed to strengthen the resilience of the cultural and creative industries and prepare for the future.
You may download the UNESCO Publication (56 pages) in the following languages, by clicking on the name of the language.
Korean 한국어
UNESCO Publication Culture 2030 | Indicators
Culture|2030 Indicators was published by the Culture Sector of UNESCO on the occasion of the Forum of Ministers of Culture at UNESCO Headquarters in Paris.
The Culture|2030 indicators is a framework of thematic indicators whose purpose is to measure and monitor the progress of culture’s enabling contribution to the national and local implementation of the Goals and targets of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, both as a sector of activity, and transversally across other sectors. The Culture | 2030 Indicators combine a variety of data, including quantitative and qualitative indicators, and will rely as much as possible on existing data sources.
For more information visit the Culture | 2030 Indicators website
You may download the UNESCO Publication (around 120 pages) in the following languages, by clicking on the name of the language.
ITI/UNESCO Network for Higher Education in the Performing Arts
New “Visual Presentation” about the ITI/UNESCO Network
The Secretariat of the ITI/UNESCO Network for Higher Education in the Performing Arts has created a visual presentation that is available for ITI Centres, educational and research institutions and persons who are working in this field. It gives information about vision, mission and goals, describes all the ongoing and planned projects. You also find a list about all the current members – educational and research institutions.
For downloading the visual presentation click here.
ITI General Secretariat Team Report 2017 - 2020
During the General Assembly Special Edition 2020, the Headquarters of ITI invited the ITI Centres, the ITI Committees, Forums and Networks and the Partner Organizations of ITI to present their past, current and future work. After the event, the Heaquarters of ITI put the individual videos and the videos day by day on the website Anyone can watch them on this website.
For time reason, the General Secretariat of ITI did not present its works. That is why it created the ITI General Secretariat Team Report 2017-2020. It is available in English and French.
The headquarters of ITI cordially invite you to download the brochure and take a look at it.
>>English version
>>English version double page
>>Version française
>>Version française double page
ITI/UNESCO Network - Online Second Student Festival, Monday to Sunday, 13 to 19 July 2020.
The Online Second Student Festival is a collaboration between the Piccolo Teatro di Milano, the ITI/UNESCO Network and eight participating institutions. It consists of:
• 8 Student Performances from Network Members Institutions from Burkina Faso, Colombia, Iran, Italy, Singapore, South Korea, Spain and Ukraine.
• 8 After-Show Discussions in which you can participate or contribute in registering yourself
• A Student Conference in which you can participate in registering yourself
The full information and programme about the Online Second Student Festival can be accessed over the special designed website for it, >>please click here.
>>For downloading the brochure, click here.
>>For downloading the program, click here.
ITI Panels
Panels introducing ITI to the world have been created in English and French. If you want to see them, they are available in low resolution here. If you want to print them, please send an email to info(at) and we will send you the high-resolution version for quality print.