Colombia / Colombie


Colombian Centre of ITI
Centre colombien de l'ITI
Calle Real del Cabrero #42-02 apto 406 Edificio El Lago,
Cartagena de Indias D. T. y C.

+ 57 315 339 3863
+ 57 313 556 4053


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Co-President / Co- Président
Viktor SEBEK
Anamarta dE PIZARRO

Miembro de la junta
Ana Copete Alvarez, Director of the Petronio Alvarez Festival in Cali;
Pamela Hernandez, Commercial Director of Teatro Nacional and Director of the Youth Theatre Festival of Bogota;
Ivan Benavides, Producer and Composer;
Rafael Palacios, Dancer, Teacher and Researcher of Traditional, Contemporary and Urban Afro Dance, Director of the dance company Sankofa;
Bernardo Rey, Dramaturg and Theatre Director, Director of the theatre group Cenit;
Nube Sandoval, Director of the theatre group Cenit;
Alejandro Gonzalez Puche, Theatre Director, Dramaturg, Director Scenic Arts Department of the University of Univalle in Cali, linked to the Network of Theatre Schools of Colombia, Member of the ITI/UNESCO Network;
Evelia Porto, Founder and President of the Children Classical Music Ensemble Tocando Puertas;
Manuel Correa, Young Film Maker (working on the role of theatre in conflict zones);
Jahir Rivera, Young Composer and Virtuoso on Harp (specializing in music of the pampas, música llanera).