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Call for Abstracts
for the International Conference on the theme “Contemporary Freedom and the New Crisis of Theatre, Between Ideological Extremism and the 'Cancel Culture'”. The Conference happens during the Nova Drama / New Drama Festival, 18 to 21 May 2022, held by the Theatre Institute Bratislava - The Slowak Centre of ITI.
Deadline to send in the abstracts: 8 February 2022.
>>More info: Call for Papers
Ramendu Majumdar: Theatre Worldwide – My ITI Years
What the ITI Newsletter announced last year when Ramendu Majumdar celebrated his Birthday has “become true”: The Honorary President of ITI used the pandemic to write his ITI memoirs. Ramendu Majumdar tells us his own story. It gives us an insight into the development of the Bangladesh Centre of ITI – and ITI worldwide. It is proof of the personal perseverance he has experienced with ITI, which resulted in him becoming the President of ITI and gaining the title of Honorary President of ITI. The publication is a veritable cornucopia of facts and experiences of viewpoints through his times with the International Theatre Institute.
The book has been published by the University Press Limited, ISBN 978 984 506 378 4. Hardcover, 196 pages, with colour photos. 35 US-Dollars, 30 Euros. On request, an ITI Centre may receive a free copy. Please allow ample time for sending you the copy. The book can be ordered over news(at)
UNESCO | The November Edition of the "UNESCO Tracker Culture & Public Policy" #14: Culture and Sustainable Development
Cutting Edge this month traces the history of culture and sustainable development discourse and explores some key policy areas in which culture is driving progress.
Cultural Policy Highlights contains the latest cultural policy innovations worldwide, including related to culture's transversal role in public policies, whilst the Regional Perspectives section includes updates on regional processes, with a special feature on the Luanda Biennale.
To read and download the new brochure as PDF click on the language edition of your choice:
Mexican Centre of ITI | 34th National Encounter of Theater Lovers
Date: 15 January to 6 February 2022
Location: Centro Cultural del Bosque, Reforma y Compo Marte S/N, Mexico City, Mexico
Free entry!
The Mexican Centre of ITI is pleased to announce that the 34th National Encounter of Theatre Lovers will take place from 15 January to 6 February 2022 in Centro Cultural del Bosque, which is a cultural Centre in Mexico City. Free Entry! The event attracts 33 theatre companies from all over the country. For more information about the event, please visit the website:
>>Click here to download the programme.
Mexican Centre of ITI | Special Gratitude and Appreciation to César Chris Muñoz
Mexican Centre of ITI would like to express its special gratitude and appreciation to its dearest friend, colleague and Secretary-General César Chris Muñoz, who ends his commitment for the Mexican Centre at the end of 2021.
César Chris Muñoz as coordinator and Secretary-General of the Mexican Centre. He carried out an intense and fruitful work over 16 years in favour of the dissemination and promotion of performing arts under the principles of the charter of the International Theater Institute ITI. Infinite thanks and wishes for deserved success, in what is ahead for him.
The Director-General of ITI and the team of the General Secretariat would like to express their gratitude to César Chris Muñoz. He was a reliable source for this long period and an excellent host when the DG went to visit Mexico, for instance for the 70th anniversary of ITI in 2018. The team of the General Secretariat sends him his very best wishes for the future, and hope that there might be an occasion to collaborate in the future.
ITI/UNESCO Network for Higher Education in the Performing Arts
Expression of Gratitude
With the support of the Members of the ITI/UNESCO Network and all the participating members, the Special Connecting Event from 13 to 17 December 2021 has developed into a highly appreciated gathering. The event has reached its goal to enhance the communication among our members, promote interaction between artists and students, and build potential collaborations. More than 600 participants from different parts of the world joined the five-day event.
The team of the General Secretariat want to express its deepest gratitude to all the participants for participating and contributing to this Special Connecting Event.
Accademia Teatro Dimitri
Opening of Bachelor of Arts in Theatre enrolment 2022/23
The Accademia Teatro Dimitri is a member of the ITI/UNESCO Network for Higher Education in the Performing Arts. The Bachelor of Arts in Theatre enrolment is now open for the academic year 2022/23. You can find all the detailed information on the website:
Enrolment Deadline: Before March 2022
>>To know more about the programme, click here.
Applied Theatre India Foundation ATiF
E-Book: Role of Applied Theatre in Indian Society
The first virtual conference on 'Role of Applied Theatre in Indian Society' organized by Applied Theatre India Foundation in association with the Indian Council for Cultural Relations (ICCR) is an opportunity for Applied Theatre practitioners in India to present their work and research on an international platform. The practices need to be theorized for the appropriate study in future and ATI Foundation is working to build the academic framework in India for Applied Theatre. People working in diverse fields, such as theatre in education, theatre of the oppressed, playback theatre, special education need, and storytelling participated in this conference from India, the USA and the UK. This E-Book contains all the papers presented at the conference. >>Click here to view the E-Book.
University of Regina | Call for Applications for a tenure-track position in Directing and Devising at Theatre Department at The University of Regina.
The Theatre Department launches its new BFA in Devised Performance and Theatre Creation, and BA in Theatre Studies and Dramatic Arts in September 2022. It is calling for applications for a tenure-track position in Directing and Devising at Theatre Department. It seeks a candidate that will demonstrate expertise in and have a dynamic and engaging record of theatre/performance-creation, possesses an MFA or PhD, and demonstrate significant creative-critical output at the professional/peer-reviewed level with the ability to connect theory to practice.
>>For more information, please click here.
To pursue this exceptional opportunity, please apply at
Deadline: 1 March 2022
International Association of Theatre Critics – IATC
Presenting the Online Publication: Critical Stages / Scènes critiques
It is a pleasure to present to the readers of ITI, the online publication of the IATC with the title “Critical Stages / Scènes”. This web journal first published in 2009 is available online to the reader for free. It offers a platform for debate and exploration of a wide range of theatre and performance art manifestations from all over the world. The web journal was initiated by Kim Cheol-Yun, former president of IATC. In the first issue of Critical Stages, he states. “Critical Stages will reach out to theatre practitioners, audiences” and he confirms that Critical Stages broadly promote theatre criticism: “I firmly believe that the most important function of theatre criticism is—and should remain—to generate interest in the theatre arts in society.” Since 2015, the 11th edition, Savas Patsalidis from Greece is the Editor-in-Chief of Critical Stages. He is a Professor of Theatre Studies at the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki and the Drama School of the National Theatre of Northern Greece. Under his guidance, all the future editions have been published. >>You have access to all the editions of Critical Stages / Scènes critiques if you click here.
>>If you want to check the 24th edition with the special topic “Oral Dramaturgies”, click here.
Online Publication: Critical Stages / Scènes critiques
Interview with the DG of ITI
A special section of each edition is dedicated to interviews. In the 24th edition, you find a dialogue of Savas Patsalidis with Tobias Biancone with the title “The Global Role of ITI” and an interview with Tadashi Suzuki, with the title “Pumpkin and the Public Scene”.
Unter the multitude of interviews the following might also be of interest for you: Theodoros Terzopulous, Ion Caramitrou, Anina Jendreyko and Yuri Lyubimov. To access the interview just click on the name.
Anina Jendreyko
Yuri Lyubimov
>>To subscribe to the Newsletter for Critical Stages on its webste, please click here.
International Network of Theatre in Prison - INTiP
Vito Minoia: “Prisons shouldn’t be the place where a person’s fate is sealed"
Article by Teresa Valiani
The article is about Destini Incrociati Festival, a successful four-day event which was organized from 17 to 20 November 2021 in Rome, Italy. The festival was organized with the contribution of the Ministry of Culture, General Directorate for Performing Arts. It has been planned merging two editions this year, thanks to a special initiative that has allowed to make up for the time lost because of the pandemic.
The performances have been selected by a qualified artistic direction board. Some classic plays were staged at the Palladium Theater of the Roma Tre University. >>To read the full article, click here.
Chinese Performing Arts – Issue 3 for download
International Theatre Institute ITI and Shanghai Theatre Academy, member of the ITI/UNESCO Network for Higher Education in the Performing Arts are proud to annouce that the third edition of the Chinese Performing Arts is now available. The journal covers the topics of today’s stage of China, the spread of Chinese Theatre and the introduction of Chinese plays and artists. This is the third issue which focuses on the development and the studies of Kunqu.
>>Click here to download or read the publication.
Mexican Centre of ITI UNESCO - New release: TEATRO magazine #28
Mexcian Centre of ITI is happily to present the no.28 issue of the magazine TEATRO "Virtual Theater", with the collaboration of many colleagues, artists and dear friends from Mexico and other centers by ITI.
The Mexican Centre of ITI UNESCO is grateful for the continuous support of the cultural institutions of Mexico and the national and international artistic community. Thanks to this support, the publication has reached its edition 28th edition.
>>Please click here to view and download
International Playwrights’ Forum IPF
Vijay Padaki – Legendary Indian Playwright Book Releases
Vijay Padaki, a member of the International Playwrights’ Forum just released three new books in a series of 10 books that the Vitasta Publishing Company dedicated to this extraordinary Indian playwright. They are available over some of the Amazon websites, or you may order them from the publishing house.
Vijay Padaki is a Theatre Educator who has been part of the Bangalore Little Theatre since its inception in 1960. More recently, the Ministry of Culture invited Vijay to initiate a programme of Arts and Heritage Management in India. Vijay has written over 50 original plays. In 1993, Vijay won the award for the best contemporary play script instituted by The Hindu for the play Credit Titles. Contact: vijay(at)
Happy New Year!
Seeking peace, enabling cultural diversity, empowering the members of performing arts communities, and safeguarding the health and dignity of human beings on a worldwide level - that is our motto for the coming year.
We hope you share it with us.
We wholeheartedly wish you all the best for 2022.
—— The Team of the General Secretariat of ITI
Colombo Monodrama Theater Festival 2021
26 – 29 December 2021, Colombo, Sri Lanka
The Colombo Monodrama Festival Organized for the first time by the Interact Art Theatre Group, Organizers of the Colombo International Drama Festival will be held from December 26th to 29th at 6.30 pm daily at the Elphinstone Theater, Maradana, Colombo, Sri Lanka.
This festival consists of two categories which held for the first time in the country. First category is the competitive section for young theatre practitioners. The second category consists Monodramas by veteran Theatre practitioners.
This time the veteran playwright of M. Safeer’s 'Love and Lock Down' and the Sinhala production of the 'Untouched' directed by Sujeewa Pathinisekera, which won the Best Monodrama Award at this year's Sham El Sheike International Theatre Festival in Egypt will also be premiered.
>>Click here for more information.
Invitation to Watch the Special Connecting Event of the ITI/UNESCO Network for Higher Education in the Performing Arts
The Special Connecting Event is approaching, and the Secretariat of the ITI/UNESCO Network is preparing the event with utmost care. The Special Connecting Event will be held online, from Monday to Friday, 13 to 17 December 2021. It starts everyday at 14h00 Paris Time. The overall goals are bringing people into communication with each other, giving information and providing inspiration. More than 40 member institutions of the ITI/UNESCO Network of Higher Education in the Performing Arts from all over the world have confirmed their participation in this event and will present themselves.
>>For downloading the detailed program of the Special Connecting Event, please click here.
The ITI/UNESCO Network sincerely invites you to participate or watch this event. Watching the Event is available for everybody who is interested in the Network. During the event you may watch the event over Facebook ITI/Unesco Network, afterwards also on the Network website.
For more information about the event, please visit the Network website. For questions, please contact secretariat(at)
Finland Centre of ITI | Ice Hot Nordic Dance Helsinki 2022
The Finland Centre of ITI is happily to announce that the Ice Hot Nordic Dance Platform will be organized from 9 to 13 February, 2022 in Helsinki, Finland. The artistic programme of Ice Hot Helsinki 2022 consists of 23 performances on stage and 15 More pitch presentations. The event invites to meet the selected artists and companies, and to be inspired by their art at the Helsinki platform. The registration is now open on the website.
>>Click here to know more about the Artistic Programme
Ice Hot Nordic Dance is a platform presenting cool contemporary dance to programmers worldwide.
>>Click here to know more about Ice Hot Nordic Dance
Iranian Centre of ITI | Open Call for the 27th International Theatre Festival for Children & Young
The Iranian Centre of ITI is pleased to announce that the Dramatic Arts Center of Iran will hold the 27th International Theatere Festival for Children & Young Adults from 1 to 6 March 2022 in Hamedan, Iran.
The Open Call for performances is open now. The first sent applications are in priority to be accepted.
The Selection Committee will announce the invited International Guest Performances through international affairs office of Dramatic Arts Center. The Festival will cover full accommodation, three meals per day, rooms, airport pick up services, local transfer from Tehran to Hamedan, vice versa during the group’s stay in Iran.
>>Click here to know more about the Open Call.
>>Click here to download the Application Form.
Please send the application to Ms. Mozhgan Vakili, Director of International affairs office: dramatic.artscenter.iran(at)
North Macedonian Centre of ITI | New Project - ePlay: Come un granello di sabbia (Italian Social Theater/Social Drama) Macedonian translation
Theater/Social Drama) Macedonian translation
The North Macedonian Centre of ITI is happily to share their new project - ePlays: Come un granello di sabbia (Italian Social Theater/Social Drama) - Macedonian translation. The project is published by the North Macedonian Center of ITI/PRODUKCIJA, Skopje. Translation supported by the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs / Italian Embassy in Skopje. Book cover supported by Ivana Kungulovska, Visual artist.
Authors: Massimo Barilla, Salvatore Arena / Translator: Kristina Peseva-Dinovska / Actor: Salvatore Arena as Giuseppe Gulotta / Edition: Theater and Performing Arts / Cover Illustration: Ivana Kungulovska / Editor & Graphic Designer: Ivanka Apostolova Baskar / 2021 / Language: Macedonian / Pages: 38 / Copies: 500 / ISBN - 978-608-4912-99-6
>>To know more about the ePlays, please click here.
>>To watch the promotional video, please click here.
Slovenian Centre of ITI | Thinking and Rethinking Ballet
In 2021 The Slovenian Ballet Artists’ Association and The Slovenian Centre ITI have launched a web page section and live talks streamed on YouTube with guests from around the World. This exceptional cooperation between two organizations fosters the dialogue between art and society with its diversity and international reach.
Dialogue with Georgette Gebara
Tatjana Azman’s recent interview with Lebanon’s Dance legend Georgette Gebara is now available on the Slovenian Ballet Portal. The interview is shedding light on the life and work of Georgette Gebara. She is one of the first ITI members that received the title “Honorary Member” during the Xiamen Congress in 2011. She served as Secretary of the International Dance Committee of ITI and was a Technical Advisor for the Executive Council. Today, she lives with her husband in Beirut (Lebanon). The Interview is in English. Moderator: Tatjana Ažman, dramaturge, Head of the Slovenian Centre of ITI, Member of the Executive Council of ITI worldwide.
>>Click here to watch the interview.
>>Website of the Slovenian Ballet Portal click here.
Uganda Centre of ITI | Jessica Kaahwa is awarded the Honorary Membership of the African Theatre Association AfTA
Jessica Kaahwa, World Theatre Day Message Author, Playwright, Academic & President of Uganda Centre of ITI just received the Honorary Membership of the AfTA, together with Martin Banham (Emeritus Professor of Drama and African Studies, University of Leeds), Duro Oni (University of Lagos & President, Nigerian Academy of Letters) and Ildevert Méda (Burkinabè Actor, Director and Playwright)
The title of Honorary Member of the African Theatre Association is awarded to an outstanding individual who has made significant contributions to the advancement of African theatre, performance or culture.
The International Theatre Institute ITI wholeheartedly congratulates Jessica Kaahwa, Martin Banham, Duro Oni and Ildevert Méda.
>>The virtual Citation Ceremony can be watch on the YouTube Channel of AfTA.
Zimbabwe Centre of ITI | New Executive Committee of Zimbabwe Centre of ITI
The Zimbabwe Centre of ITI held an extraordinary general meeting on the 8th of April 2021 where they resolved to elect the first ever Executive Committee of Zimbabwe Centre of ITI. The Executive Committee takes over from the Steering Committee that has been running the Centre since 2010.
>>Click here to view the team.
Message from Incoming Chairperson
“We appreciate the foundation that has been laid by the previous committee, with the very capable coordination of Lloyd Nyikadzino and the facilitatory leadership of the outgoing Chairperson Zane Lucas. We are very excited about working with the outgoing committee in charting a way forward for ITI Zimbabwe which will see us rooting ourselves in the Zimbabwean Theatre Community and deeply enriching the experiences of the membership of ITI Zimbabwe.” Zaza Muchemwa
Zimbabwe Centre of ITI | Herbert Chibvongodze joins ITI Zimbabwe Team
Herbert Chibvongodze has joined the team at ITI Zimbabwe as the National Coordinator of the Centre. Herbert Chibvongodze is a trained visual artist who works mainly in the medium of photography to promote healing and reconciliation within divided communities. He is also an Art Historian who writes on emerging and contemporary artists in the visual and performing arts sector. As National Coordinator he will be carrying out planning and coordination of national programs, effecting the growth and program development of the Centre and mobilising of resources. Since 2014 Herbert Chibvongodze has been a part of the performing arts sector in Zimbabwe. Most recently he was a Programs Director for a community-based arts trust, Creative Lounge Trust. He will be taking over the role of National Coordinator from Lloyd Nyikadzino whose term of office ends this year. We are deeply thankful for the work that Lloyd Nyikadzino did during his tenure. And we are confident that Herbert Chibvongodze will bring his experience, insight and skill in furthering the work begun by Mr. Nyikadzino. For further contact and information: ecitizim(at)
>>Click here to view the biography of Herbert Chibvongodze and Lloyd Nyikadzino
UNESCO | The October Edition of the "UNESCO Tracker Culture & Public Policy" #13: Culture and City
Cities are a privileged ground for the exercise and recognition or cultural diversity, a critical endeavor in increasingly fragmented societies. Cities are also laboratories to harness culture to nurture societies' resilience and well being, and underpin environmental sustainability.
To read and download the new brochure as PDF click on the language edition of your choice:
UNITED NATIONS | #Faith4Rights Toolkit
The United Nations have created a Toolkit called “Faith for Rights” that is of interest not only for those who work in the field of Human Rights but also for artists, namely performing artists. This toolkit builds on a wealth of comparable tools by several UN agencies that have been integrated into the #Faith4Rights toolkit. It also illustrates artistic expressions as learning tools and offers built-in links to relevant resources faith actors would need. The annex proposes several cases to debate, which illustrate the intersectionality of the 18 commitments and enhance the skills of faith actors to manage religious diversity in real-life situations towards the shared aims of “Faith for Rights”. For any enquiries, please send an email to: faith4rights(at)
>>The toolkit can be downloaded by clicking here.
“Is it true that you always wait for me?”
Congratulation to Andromachi Dimitriadou Lindahl and Asomates Dynameis for having their producation “Is it true that you always wait for me?” that tells the story of a Jewish community of Thessaloniki (Andromachi’s hometown) is cited as an excellent example for implementing dance in Faith for Rights. >>Please click here to watch her performance (with English subtitles).
Austrian Centre of ITI | UNESCO Club Vienna: The Paradis Files
The Paradis Files, produced by Graeae Theatre Company (pronounced grey-eye) from an original concept by Selina Mills. >>To access the website, please click here.
The team at Graeae is composed of deaf and disabled artists and theatre makers. >>For more information, please click here.
In this recording, the creative team discusses behind the development of a new opera which has taken shape over the past two years. >>Click here to watch the recording.
The production of the opera is partnered by UNESCO Club Vienna (Member of the Austrian Centre of ITI) in support of the UN Disability Inclusion Strategy. >>To find out more about this strategy click here.
Israeli Centre of ITI | Pre-Announcment: Isra-Drama 2021
Dear Theatre Makers of ITI,
The Hanoch Levin Institute of Israeli Drama invites you to connect with Isra-Drama, the International Exposure of Israeli Theatre 2021 that is happening from 17 to 21 November 2021 – online.
>>For watching the trailer, please click here.
More information is soon avaible on Contact: Shimrit Ron, Dirctor of the Hanoch Levin Institute of Israel Drama
French Centre of ITI | International Competion “ Writing, humanism and cultural diversity” - On the occasion of the 500th Anniversary of the birth of Joachim Du BELLAY.
The French Centre of ITI in partnership with the Lyriades association, invite playwrights and writers from all countries to participate in a theatrical writing competition on the theme: "Writing, humanism and cultural diversity".
1. Depending on the quality and relevance of the contributions received, the jury will select 1 to 3 proposals ranked from 1 to 3.
2. The winning text will be published on the institution's website
3. Other publications may be considered in agreement with the author.
4. The adaptation of the text into a play may be created in agreement with the author.
The deadline for receipt of applications is 20 March 2022.
All applications must be sent to the e-mail address: contact(at) with the subject line: Competition Joachim Du Bellay 2022.
>>Click here to read the details of competition.
North Macedonian Centre of ITI | Premiere of The PCR Song
The North Macedonian Centre of ITI is happily to announce their premiere of the PCR Song.
It consist of a Video Theatre Project (Triptych-Experimental), inspired by The Cold Song / King Arthur Semi-Opera by Henry Purcell, with the libretto by John Dryden
Creator, producer, director, visual dramaturg: Ivanka Apostolova Baskar
Actress: Dimitrina Mickoska as Dimitrina Queen Arthur
Video camera/editing/sound: Mihailo Apostolov
Photography: Vesna A. Brishkoska
Production by North Macedonian Centre of ITI / PRODUKCIJA, supported by the City of Skopje.
>>Click here to view the official trailer on YouTube.
Russian Centre of ITI
XXXI International Theater Festival "Baltic House" (St.Petersburg)
was held from 6 to 20 October. The main program of the theatrical forum included 14 performances from four countries: Italy, the Republic of Belarus, Lithuania and Russia. The new works were presented by leading Russian stage masters: Dmitry Krymov, Iosif Raikhelgauz, Kama Ginkas, Denis Azarov, Andrey Prikotenko and Dmitry Volkostrelov. Also by the new generation of directors who began their career in the second decade of the 21st century: Evgeny Kornyag (Belarus), Roman Muromtsev (Russia) and Dmitry Krestyankin (Russia). A special focus in program was on the "Macbeth" directed by Alessandro Serra (Italy). And two premieres of the famous European director Oskaras Korshunovas (Lithuania) - "Othello" and "Death of Tarelkin".
Also the off-program of the Festival included performances of St. Petersburg non-state theatres, an international scientific-practical conference "Dramaturgy as a time capsule. Contemporary play yesterday and today" and theatrical business brunch "Theatre as a business model". Prizewinners of the XXXI International Theater Festival "Baltic House", announced October, 21
>>Click here to view the list of winners.
>>For more information, please click here
Photo: "The Garden" with Julia Aug. Provided by Theatre-Festival "Baltic House"
Russian Centre of ITI | II International Online-Festival of One Play by Alexander Vampilov "Duck Hunt 20.21" (Moscow)
will take place from November 4 to 28, 2021 on the websites of the "Media-project ARTIST" and the International Theater Festival "Golden Vityaz", as well as on YouTube - channels and in social networks of these projects.
The Festival is dedicated to the anniversary of the Russian playwright Alexander Vampilov, who died at the age of 35 in 1972, but whose plays are still being studied and staged all over the world. The festival program includes 25 performances of one play from 7 countries of the world - Russia, Armenia, Republic of Belarus, Moldova, Uzbekistan, Estonia and Japan.
Theatre Diplomacy During the Cold War – Volume 1 to 5
This multi-volume work began as a biography of Martha Coigney, who was a pioneering thought leader and advocate of internationalism in the American theatre during one of the most challenging periods in modern U.S. history. Martha Coigney served as President of the International Theatre Institute (ITI) from 1987-1995 and afterwards became an Honorary President of ITI.
For all those who are interested in the History of ITI, and the development of ITI, this multi-volume work is a must to read. It is available: - over the website of the publisher XLIBRIS
- over
As the book is not inexpensive, you also may download an ebook for a reasonable price over the stores of Kindle Amazon, Apple Books or Google Play Books.
In Memoriam | Jim O’Quinn, Founding Editor of American Theatre Magazine, Dies at 74
This is what World Theatre Ambassador Philip Arnoult from the USA wrote to us:
The American Theatre lost an important voice last week: Jim O’Quinn. This was a deep personal loss for me, and for many in his wide circle of friends and colleagues.
TCG’s Rob-Weinert Kent wrote the first obituary for Jim O’Quinn. >>You may read the article that was published in the American Theatre Magazine by clicking here.
Philip Arnoult “

Photo Credits Jim O’Quinn
The September Edition of the "UNESCO Tracker Culture & Public Policy" #12: Culture and Social Cohesion
Social inclusion is at the heart of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, yet culture remains under-utilised in fostering social cohesion.
"Everyone has the right to freely participate in the cultural life of the community [and] to enjoy the arts."—— Universal Declaration of Human Rights, Article 27
To read and download the new brochure as PDF click on the language edition of your choice:
World Opera Day, 25 October - Opera Reboot
The third edition of World Opera Day will take place in a challenging context as theatres around the world resume activity. Former production models have been challenged, and many have invested thought and time in re-inventing themselves to embody their roles as responsible actors of society. Opera companies are re-opening with new ambitions. This year’s theme of Opera Reboot translates into 3 main strands:
• GREEN OPERA: Re-evaluated production models, taking into account eco-responsible choices
• EQUAL OPPORTUNITIES: Recognising the diversity of citizens can be better reflected in the sector, in the workforce, on stage as well as in the audience
• JOBS FOR THE NEXT GENERATION OF TALENT: Preparing young artists and dedicated professionals for a career in Opera
More information can be found on
And on the website on Opera Europa, a Partner Organization of ITI
>>If you you would like to have more information about Opera Reboot, please click here.
World Opera Day, 25 October - Rooftop Action
O. celebrates World Opera Day with a rooftop performance from festival favorite Claron McFadden
O. Festival for Opera. Music. Theatre. (previously known as: Operadagen Rotterdam) is the festival for curious visitors. O. stands for opera and opening up the genre. O. focuses on adventure, talented makers, and crosslinks between genres; from performance art to electropop and from tearjerkers to street culture. O. doesn't pigeonhole. O. is open-minded. O. moves people, innovates and connects. O. is as diverse as Rotterdam itself. The performance is filmed on the rooftop of an iconic building: het Groothandelsgebouw (meaning Wholesale Building or Offices). Contact Matthijs Van Burg: matthijs(at)
You are invited to watch the performance on the website of O.: >>Please click here. Or >>on YouTube, click here.
>>Click here to know more about the Action.
Photo: Claron MacFadden on the Rotterdam building Groothandelsgebouw
Argentine Dance Council
Invitation to Watch the María Ruanova Award 2021
The Argentine Dance Council, Cooperating Member of ITI, is pleased to present the María Ruanova Award 2021, the event was ive broadcasted on YouTube. >>You can watch it by clicking here.
The María Ruanova Award was created in 1986 (going on 35 years) by the Argentine Dance Council in tribute to María Ruanova who was the first dancer of the Stable Ballet Colón Theatre, then Director of the Corps de Ballet Colón Theatre who shone with her performances in the country (Argentina) and abroad as a member of foreign companies.
Also is given Honor Diploma to Masters in recognition of their unrestful work as trainers of dancers.
The 2021 María Ruanova Award unanimously voted to Festival Nacional de Malambo de Laborde an institution in merit to its contribution and diffusion to Argentine Folklore.
If you have further questions please contact: consejoargentinodeladanza(at)
Argentine Dance Council - Virtual Memorial Act
The Argentine Dance Council honors the Teatro Colón dancers who died tragically in plane crash on 10 October 1971 in a 50 th Anniversary Virtual Memorial Act. On this occasion, an event was organized that you may watch on YouTube (in Spanish). Please >>click here to watch Video One; here to have >>access to Video Two.
Photo: Names of the dancers that died in the plane crash and are honoured during the 2021 Memorial Act.
Publication - Call for Papers: Applied Theatre and the Sustainable Development Goals: Crisis, Collaboration and Beyond
Editors: Taiwo Afolabi, Abdul Karim Hakib & Bobby Smith
The book will be divided into three key thematic areas:
• Part one: Applying theatre in times of global crises
• Part two: Collaboration across geographies: tensions and complexities
• Part three: Envisioning the future: Looking back to look ahead
Deadline for abstracts: 15 January 2022
Authors notified: February 2022
First draft chapters due: May 2022
Manuscript submitted: April 2023

Please send abstracts to all the editors:
Taiwo Afolabi: taiwo.afolabi(at)
Abdul Karim Hakib: abakariman(at)
Bobby Smith: bobby.smith(at)
>>Click here to know more about the book and requirement.
North Macedonian Centre of ITI
Results of the Project “ePlays: Skopje Whispers, Cries, and Dramatisations”
The North Macedonian Centre of ITI is happily to share the results of the project - ePlays: Skopje Whispers, Cries, and Dramatisations. The project is organized by the North Macedonian Center of ITI/PRODUKCIJA, and supported by the City of Skopje.
6 ePlays by Young Drama Authors
1. ePlay: Big Deal by Mia Efremova (North Macedonia)
2. ePlay: An artist in starvation by Mia Nikoloska (North Macedonia)
3. ePlay: This Tomb Is A Whorehouse by Nina Plavanjac (Serbia)
4. ePlay: EPILOGUE 2077 by Nikola Kuzelov (North Macedonia)
5. ePlay: A Boy by Sinan Rakipovski (North Macedonia)
6. ePlay: Raw Cut (2010-2014) by Mia Volt (North Macedonia)
>>To view all the ePlays, please click here.
>>Click here to know more about the Project.
IN MEMORIAM ION CARAMITRU - 9 March 1942 – 5 September 2021
A unique personality of the contemporary art, culture and history has just left us. A man of great moral strength, an Artist endowed with an all-round gift, a powerful conscience of unique magnitude, who knew how to perceive time, fathom it and follow the right path. He knew how to fight for his ideals, how to reify and defend them, without receding from his principles. A seductive, irresistible, charismatic presence, displaying a noble, refined elegance. But above all, a MAN, a LEADER, a CONSTRUCTOR, a CREATOR with an astounding vision.
>>Click here to read the full text by Doina Lupu, UNITER / Romanian Centre of ITI
>>Click here to read the additional Text by Georges Banu.
Book of Condolences
>>Please use this book to write your condolense, click here to open it.
Photo: Ion Caramitru during the UNITER Gala 2020
The July Edition of the "UNESCO Tracker Culture & Public Policy" #11 a Special Report on the Meeting of G20 Ministers of Culture
The July 2021 edition carries a special report on the Meeting of G20 Ministers of Culture and their landmark declaration strongly affirming the vital role of culture across the public policy spectrum. The report explores the five main priorities seized by the Ministers of Culture of the world's largest economies for revitalizing global economic and social policy.
To read and download the new brochure as PDF click on the language edition of your choice:

North Macedonian Centre of ITI
Digital Exhibition with the Sound of Thunder: Opera Posters (Visual Recitatives)
Collaborative project with students from the Faculty for Art and Design/EU Skopje.
Artists-Students-Collaborators (Departments for fashion and graphic design): Hristijan Mladenovski, Afra Kahreman, Marko Miletikj, Kristina Laleva, Ivona Panoska; Inspiration: International Opera Day (25 October), Italian Opera Belcanto; Curator/Editor: Ivanka Apostolova Baskar; Video/Sound: Mihailo Apostolov; Acknowledgments: Prof. Gordana Vrencoska, Ass. Elena Makarovska; Production: North Macedonian Centre of ITI/PRODUKCIJA; Skopje 2021
>>For the Facebook Page please click here.
>>For more info please click here.
>>For watching the video, please click here.
Publications: The Cinema of Tunde Kelani: Aesthetics, Theatricalities and Visual Performances
Edited by Tunde Onikoyi and Taiwo Afolabi
The fast-growing publishing outfit in the United Kingdom, Cambridge Scholars is at the threshold of publishing a collection of articles on the life works and film oeuvre, of Nigerian / African film Director Tunde Kelani. This collection will emerge as the maiden academic textbook to be so devoted to the explication and analysis of some of the most significant of Kelani’s films till date.
>>To know more about the book, please click here.
For inquiries, please contact the editors at tundeonikoyi(at) and taiwo.afolabi(at)
The June Edition of the "UNESCO Tracker Culture & Public Policy" #10 focuses on Young People
The newest edition focuses on Culture and Youth
Today’s young people face unprecedented challenges: not only are they more likely to be unemployed, they also have to face some of the greatest challenges ever experienced by humanity. Young people are also the future guardians of our rich and diverse heritage. They are the dynamos for fresh ideas and creativity.
To read and download the new brochure as PDF click on the language edition of your choice:
New: ITI Event Reports – an invitation to browse, read and watch!
The General Secretariat of ITI has worked extensively to inform you about three main events of ITI: The General Assembly Special Edition (10 to 15 December 2020), World Theatre Day (27 March 2021) and International Dance Day (2021).
All the Reports contain what happened during the three event – such as speeches, presentations, and for World Theatre Day and International Dance Day the messages and performances. Moreover, they give you background information and also the statistics of how many people participated or watch the event.
Each Report that you can open and/or download is an invitation to watch or watch again. Just download it and click on what you want to see … The links are meant to be open when you are using a computer or laptop.
Event Report of theITI General Assembly Special Edition 2020 Report
To view or download the report, please chose your preferred format by clicking on the text below.
Single page edition (format for print out on A4)
Double page edition (format for browsing on computer or laptop)
The May Edition of the "UNESCO Tracker Culture & Public Policy" #9 focuses on Culture and Education
The newest edition focuses on Culture & Education: Culture & education as a strategic investment for inclusive and sustainable development
To read and download the new brochure as PDF click on the language edition of your choice:
New regular UNESCO Publication “The Tracker on Culture and Public Policy”
There is a new regular online publication in which UNESCO is presenting essential data about what is happening on the world. It is called “The Tracker – Culture & Public Policy”. Click here to read what Mr. Ernesto Ottone, the UNESCO Assistant Director-General for Culture stated in the Special Edition of the Tracker, April 2021.
Here are the titles of the issues that have been published so far. Just click on the title in bold letters below to download or read the PDF of each issue:
The Tracker Issue 8 / Special Issue: Focus on a Year of Covid-19
The Tracker Issue 7: Focus on Culture and Peace Building
The Tracker Issue 6: Focus on Cultural Tourism
The Tracker Issue 5: Focus on Creative Economy
The Tracker Issue 4: Focus on Culture and Climate Change
The Tracker Issue 3: Focus on the Future Work
The Tracker Issue 2: Focus on Culture and Digital Technologies
The Tracker Issue 1: Focus on Culture and Multilateralism
To be informed regularly, visit or write to Culture.Forum(at)
Essential UNESCO Publication: Culture in Crisis: Policy guide for a resilient creative sector
The COVID-19 pandemic and the crisis it created have had a devastating effect on the cultural and creative industries, revealing and magnifying their pre-existing volatility.
The UNESCO Publication “Culture in Crisis” offers advice on how to respond to the most pressing needs and how to induce the structural changes needed to strengthen the resilience of the cultural and creative industries and prepare for the future.
You may download the UNESCO Publication (56 pages) in the following languages, by clicking on the name of the language.
Korean 한국어
UNESCO Publication Culture 2030 | Indicators
Culture|2030 Indicators was published by the Culture Sector of UNESCO on the occasion of the Forum of Ministers of Culture at UNESCO Headquarters in Paris.
The Culture|2030 indicators is a framework of thematic indicators whose purpose is to measure and monitor the progress of culture’s enabling contribution to the national and local implementation of the Goals and targets of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, both as a sector of activity, and transversally across other sectors. The Culture | 2030 Indicators combine a variety of data, including quantitative and qualitative indicators, and will rely as much as possible on existing data sources.
For more information visit the Culture | 2030 Indicators website
You may download the UNESCO Publication (around 120 pages) in the following languages, by clicking on the name of the language.
ITI/UNESCO Network for Higher Education in the Performing Arts
New “Visual Presentation” about the ITI/UNESCO Network
The Secretariat of the ITI/UNESCO Network for Higher Education in the Performing Arts has created a visual presentation that is available for ITI Centres, educational and research institutions and persons who are working in this field. It gives information about vision, mission and goals, describes all the ongoing and planned projects. You also find a list about all the current members – educational and research institutions.
For downloading the visual presentation click here.
Helen MIRREN talks about Theatre on World Theatre Day 2021
ITI is extremely happy to share with you an interview of Helen MIRREN, the World Theatre Day 2021 Message Author, during which she talks about her understanding on theatre and the future of theatre. ITI is particularly grateful to Helen MIRREN for it. This short interview with Helen MIRREN was done via Zoom on 27 March 2021, conducted by Fabio TOLLEDI and Roberta QUARTA, President and Coordinator of the Italian Centre of ITI.
>>Click here to watch the video.
Share Your Voice of Love, Encouragement and Support
The current global pandemic shakes the world with anxiety, fear and even hatred. It is time for every one of us to be active and to use the best tools we have – the dialogue and communication that is inherent in the performing arts to go through this global health crisis.

The General Secretariat is receiving a lot of words of love, encouragement and support from all parts of the world, and all these letters deserve to have more readers.

>>Please click here to read and watch
Mexican Centre of ITI UNESCO - New release: TEATRO magazine #27
The TEATRO magazine was created with the intention of disseminating research, analysis, history, and trends of theatre in Mexico and in the world.
TEATRO magazine is a yearly publication in Spanish and English, with important national or international theatre artists expressing their vision and knowledge about theatre and performing arts. The TEATRO Magazine is free to distribute, the authors submit their article without payment. And it doesn’t run ads or sponsorships.
This year, according to the situation of the pandemic, only a limited number has been printed and distributed. It exists as a PDF that can be downloaded for free: >>Please click here to view and download TEATRO magazine #27
The Mexican Centre of ITI UNESCO is grateful for the continuous support of the cultural institutions of Mexico and the national and international artistic community. Thanks to this support, the publication has reached its edition 27th edition.
ITI General Secretariat Team Report 2017 - 2020
During the General Assembly Special Edition 2020, the Headquarters of ITI invited the ITI Centres, the ITI Committees, Forums and Networks and the Partner Organizations of ITI to present their past, current and future work. After the event, the Heaquarters of ITI put the individual videos and the videos day by day on the website Anyone can watch them on this website.
For time reason, the General Secretariat of ITI did not present its works. That is why it created the ITI General Secretariat Team Report 2017-2020. It is available in English and French.
The headquarters of ITI cordially invite you to download the brochure and take a look at it.
>>English version
>>English version double page
>>Version française
>>Version française double page
Chinese Performing Arts – Issue #2 for download
The Shanghai Theatre Academy (STA) and the International Theatre Institute (ITI) are proud to announce the second edition of the Chinese Performing Arts Journal. Tobias Biancone and Gong Baorong, the two Editors-in-Chief, invite you to participate in a journey of the Chinese Drama and even Classical Xiqu. The topics of this issue are: Studies of Cao Yu, the Early Form of Modern Chinese Drama, Chinese Experimental Theatre, Theatre and Artists (Beijing People´s Art Theatre & Pu Cunxin), an Introduction in Classical Xiqu (part 2) and an Inventory of Chinese Theatre in 2019.
You may download the publication
>>One-sided version
>>Double-sided version
If you are interested in downloading the first edition, please write to info(at)
ITI/UNESCO Network - Online Second Student Festival, Monday to Sunday, 13 to 19 July 2020.
The Online Second Student Festival is a collaboration between the Piccolo Teatro di Milano, the ITI/UNESCO Network and eight participating institutions. It consists of:
• 8 Student Performances from Network Members Institutions from Burkina Faso, Colombia, Iran, Italy, Singapore, South Korea, Spain and Ukraine.
• 8 After-Show Discussions in which you can participate or contribute in registering yourself
• A Student Conference in which you can participate in registering yourself
The full information and programme about the Online Second Student Festival can be accessed over the special designed website for it, >>please click here.
>>For downloading the brochure, click here.
>>For downloading the program, click here.
This new book, released in June 2020 by the Desert Hearts Media in the United Kingdom, is an important publication, that is intended to be “For everyone who teaches the performing arts in schools everywhere.”
Equal Stages, Standing Up for Identity and Integrity in the Performing, Volume 1is a publication that is showing the reader of how diverse theatre is made in the UK and Ireland.
Published in association with the Other National Theatre, Morecambe, and the International Theatre Institute, Equal Stages is a ground-breaking overview of diversity, representation, visibility and inclusion in the live performing arts, particularly theatre. It’s an interlocking snapshot of the industry provided by 40 interviews with a diverse range of 42 people who work in everything from performance to running venues, from writing to marketing, fringe theatre to international festivals. What they share is the vision and drive to break new ground for culture to make a difference in society.
Moreover, the book is designed to be an accessible resource, that is why includes an eight-page glossary of performing arts terms.
>>List of the Interviewees, please click here.
>>Biography Nick Awde, please click here.
Equal Stages, Standing Up for Identity and Integrity in the Performing Arts, Volume 1 By Nick Awde, 594pp | paperback | £24.99 | ISBN: 9781908755384
The book can be ordered directly from Orders and Press inquiries: Nick Awde– / +44 (0)79 6115 4590
ITI Panels
Panels introducing ITI to the world have been created in English and French. If you want to see them, they are available in low resolution here. If you want to print them, please send an email to info(at) and we will send you the high-resolution version for quality print.