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Surveys for the 35th ITI World Congress
Having your feedback and ideas is really important to help ITI improve the next Congress and its programming. If you attended the 35th ITI World Congress – even if you attended only part of it, please find the survey links below:
If you also attended the Congress Prologue consisting of the Student Festival of the ITI/UNESCO Network for Higher Education in the Performing Arts, please find the survey links below:
iSTAN, the international Stage Arts Network, a joint initiative between the International Theatre Institute and the Central Academy of Drama Beijing, has two very exciting announcements it wishes to share with you.

First, it would like to make you all aware of the iSTAN International Theatre Costume and Makeup Design Competition which it will be running in 2018. This competition is open to Professionals and Students from all over the globe, and is split into two categories of Costume Design and Make-up Design. The second event that iSTAN wishes to announce is the iSTAN International Costume and Makeup Design Academic Week 2018 which will take place in Beijing, China, from 11-15 December 2018. This Academic Week will include lectures and workshops from a cast of international experts in an attempt to enhance international cooperation in the fields of stage and makeup design. >>For full details, please click here
The ITI and the Congress websites are being updated with most the important decisions made during the Congress. The new Committee Reports that state the future plans and present the new boards are already online. Please have a look here: . The new Executive Council Members are also online The pictures/videos of the Congress are currently being selected and will be shared soon. The DG is also preparing a complete Congress Report with exhaustive information, pictures and contacts.
World Theatre Ambassadors
After introducing the first World Theatre Ambassadors during the 32nd ITI World Congress in 2008, in Madrid, and selecting key personalities from theatre all over the world in the past eight years, two new World Theatre Ambassadors were selected and presented during the Congress in Segovia. Paloma Pedrero from Spain and Philip Arnoult from USA. Paloma Pedrero has honoured ITI with their presence at the Award Ceremony. Philip Arnault was represented by William Wadsworth.
World Dance Ambassadors
In order to benefit from the invaluable and enthusiastic support of some of the world’s most highly distinguished figures of dance as well, the Executive Council of ITI has selected the first ever World Dance Ambassadors: Alicia Alonso from Cuba and Cristina Hoyos from Spain. ITI is especially honoured that the legendary dancer and dance educator Alicia Alonso has accepted to be the first World Dance Ambassador. Her presence at the Ceremony during the Congress was definitely one of the highlights of the 35th ITI World Congress in Segovia.
New Partner Organizations
ITI is proud to welcome the following New Partner Organizations: International Music Council (IMC) More information:, European Federation of Professional Circus Schools (FEDEC) More information: and World Mime Organization (WMO) More information:
New Honorary Members
At the Award Ceremony after the General Assembly, new ITI Honorary Members have been presented based upon their long-lasting support and commitment to ITI.
Christina BABOU-PAGOURELI, Greece
Ann Mari ENGEL, Sweden
Cecile GUIDOTE ALVAREZ, Philippines
Christoph HAERING, Switzerland
Nicole LECLERCQ, Belgium
György LENGYEL, Hungary
Henrik NEUBAUER, Slovenia
Yoko ODAGIRI, Japan
Marcio SOUZA, Brazil
Abhi SUBHEDI, Nepal
2018 – The Year of ITI – 70th Anniversary of the International Theatre Institute
The whole 2018 will be the Year of ITI – meaning ITI and its members are able to celebrate ITI from 1 January to 31 December with celebration, ceremonies, festivals, conference and more. This was decided by the General Assembly during the 35th ITI World Congress in Segovia/Spain. The General Secretariat has created a logo in English, French and Spanish that is for use for all the Centres and Cooperating Members to join the celebration of the 70th Anniversary. Please ask for the logo in your language for your event and send us the information about your event. If you are planning an event for which you would like to have international participation, please get in touch with the General Secretariat for promoting it and for helping you with the participation of international guests from ITI. Conctact: info(at)iti-worldwide.
Hybrid Theatre Platform
The Hybrid Theatre Platform is currently attracting lots of interest- why not take a look yourself? You can begin the ‘VERTICAL OF THE ROLE’ COURSE online at any time. You can start with the free, no-commitment TRY OUT course and then progress to the full course, in dialogue with a teacher. You can then complete the course with a practical seminar, which will take place in Berlin between 27 November and 3 December 2017. Specialised training and individual feedback supports actors to experience the so-called ‘light of the role’. Collaborative work with colleagues will inspire you and open up new perspectives. >>For more information please click here.
>>Start the course online here.
Hybrid Education for Asia
The World Theatre Training Institute AKT-ZENT/ ITI is looking forward to a special pilot project in co-operation with the IAPAR festival (International Association for Performing Arts & Research). At the ITI World Congress in Segovia, a test phase was developed which will give artists from India, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh the unique opportunity to take part in an international continuing education programme. The online course will lead to a practical module during the festival in November 2017: Masterclass in India, Pune 4 - 9 November 2017. Participants from this region should start the course NOW to be ready for the practical module in time. >>Please find the course here.
The next International Director’s and Trainers’ Colloquium
The next International Directors’ and Trainers’ Colloquium will take place in Berlin from 3 to 7 January 2018. Dr Jurij Alschitz has suggested a Link to the Roots - The Role. How can radical innovation of training methods build on the foundations of the dramatic arts? What is still important and how to convey it? Dr Jurij Alschitz has studied with J. N. Malkowski, who was taught personally by Stanislavski, as well as with the Russian pedagogical legend Mikhail Budkewitsch. At this colloquium, we will investigate the roots of the art of acting in relation to new methods of teaching. The colloquium builds on intensive preparation and active participation. The discussion will first begin on our hybrid platform. >>For more information please click here.
Ellen Stewart International Award
The Ellen Stewart International Award is an award given to an individual theatre artist or theatre company whose work promotes social change, and community participation with a particular focus on the engagement of young people. With the support of the ITI (International Theatre Institute), La MaMa New York and Italy, and the Spoleto Festival of 2 Worlds, the recipient of The Ellen Stewart International will attend the ITI World Congress, receive an artistic residency at La MaMa Umbria to create a new work, and the financial and production support to present the new work at the Spoleto Festival of 2 Worlds.
>>For more information about the criteria and nomination please click here or contact; estewartaward(at)
>>To download the application form please click here. The deadline is 27 October 2017.
Analogio Festival 2017
ANALOGIO FESTIVAL, member of EFA/EFFE (European Festivals Association/ Europe for Festivals- Festivals for Europe), comes back at the Theatre Technis, Frinichou Stage, Plaka area, Athens, Greece, from 16 to 24 September 2017. The Festival presents a wide programme with a focus on the latest writings for the Stage, a Tribute to Nikos Kazantzakis, a target on new Greek plays and international drama, and parallel events such as seminars, discussions, new media, walking and poetry performances and installations in public spaces and archaeological sites. >>For more information about the programme please click here.
Toolkit for ITI Centres – Tools for Opening and Running a Centre
For quite a while the members of the General Secretariat assembled all the available information that concerns the opening and running of an ITI Centre and put it together in a publication.. It answers questions such as: Who founded ITI? What is the procedure to open a Centre? What are the ongoing artistic, educational and humanistic activities of ITI? How to go about to approach a National UNESCO Commission? What are the tools for increasing membership? Etc. The Toolkit for ITI Centres is available in English, French and Spanish. Please write to info(at) so that we can send you a copy in the language(s) of your choice. The publication exists in PDF format.
Residency program in Performance Creation
The ITI Croatia Centre in collaboration with the Network of Emerging Arts Professionals of ITI will host a residency program in Performance Creation at the ITI Croatia Centre’s annual program, the International Drama Colony in Istria, Croatia in July 2018. The residency program will be for one week and it will involve workshops in acting (Chekhov method of acting) and in playwriting. Participants will explore the theme of Conflict from diverse perspectives. The deadline for application submission is 1 November 2017, and results will be announced in December 2017. For more information contact Taiwo Afolabi taiwoafolabi4(at) and Nina Krizan nina.krizan5(at)

>>For more information please click here.
The World Theatre Map
The World Theatre Map is a user-generated directory and a real time map of the global theatre community. This project features information about all kinds of theatre practitioners, theatre organizations, and productions. Similar to Wikipedia, anyone can add information and edit the Map. Currently, the project is in English and Spanish and features thousands of people, organizations, and their shows around the world. The purpose of the World Theatre Map is to connect the global theatre community and to facilitate conversation, knowledge sharing, and movement building. It’s an ever-growing map of the global theatre infrastructure, the art we make and the people in our theatre community. For more information please contact: Vijay Mathew: vijay(at) or >>visit:
57th International Theatre Festival MESS
The 57th International Theatre Festival MESS will happen in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina, from 30 September to 8 October 2017. The final programme will be ready in early September but we are happy to share with you the >>preliminary performance schedule here.
African-American and African Playwrights Creative Residency at the Camargo Foundation
The Camargo Foundation, located in Cassis, France, and founded by artist and philanthropist Jerome Hill, is a residential centre offering programming in the Arts and Humanities. The Foundation encourages the visionary work of artists, scholars, and thinkers in the Arts and Humanities. The Camargo Foundation, with generous support from the National Endowment for the Arts and the Jerome Foundation, is excited to announce a four-week residency programme for mid-career/established African-American and African playwrights. Four participants from the United States and four from the African continent, all of whom are interested in the cross-cultural interactions between the United States and Africa, whether historic or contemporary, will be hosted at the Camargo Foundation in Cassis, France, from 28 May to 25 June 2018. The deadline to apply is 19 October 2017.

>>Please click here for more information.
International Theatre Festivals in Iran
The Dramatic Arts Center of Iran (DAC) is pleased to inform that there are some international activities which are going to take place in Iran.
- 18th International Ritual and Traditional Theater Festival; 1 to 6 September 2017, deadline for submission: 6 July. 2017;
- 12thInternational Street Theater Festival - Marivan, 8 to 12 September 2017, deadline for submission: 23 August 2017;
- 24th International Children and Adolescents Theater Festival, 30 November to 5 December 2017, deadline for submission: 2 October 2017;
- 36thFadjrInternational Theater Festival (for all genres), 21 January to 1 February 2018, deadline for submission: 8 November 2017;
>>Fore more information please click here. >>To download the application form please click here.
International Dance Day 2017
The International Dance Day 2017 Summit in Shanghai has been a beautiful event, which started with powerful speeches during the conference, workshops with workshops leaders from more than 30 different countries, and three night of exceptional performances. We will soon publish the event report and pictures on the International Dance Day website:
International Symposium on Theatre studies
Shanghai Theatre Academy, together with the ITI - UNESCO - Network for the Higher education in the Performing Arts, will hold the International Symposium on Theatre studies as a Discipline from 3 to 5 November 2017. They would like to invite experts, scholars all over the world to have an extensive dialogue on the development and cooperation of theatre studies in the world. >>For more information please click here
Call for applications for the categories of Storytelling, Dance, Stand-up Comedy, Music and Theater
2018 will be the 25th year of MASA. The 10th edition of the Market for African Performing Arts (MASA) will be held in Abidjan from 10 to 17 March 2018. The application materials to submit for the MASA Festival are the same as those for the official selection. Applications must be sent to MASA by November 30, 2017. For more information, please visit:
Call for Participation in the IAPAR International Theatre Festival
The International Association for Performing Arts and Research (IAPAR) is happy to announce the Call for Participation for the second edition of “IAPAR International Theatre Festival”
IAPAR International Theatre Festival 2017 will feature performances from across the globe, master-classes, as well as formal and informal interactions between artists from India & abroad. This festival is a first step towards a sustained effort in curating a festival which brings innovative performances which put ‘Actors’ at the centre of their productions to the city. The festival will be hosted in association with the Indian Centre of ITI and take place in Pune, India, in November 2017. Send an email to iapar.festival(at) for the detailed application form or visit our website and download the application form.
André-Louis Périnetti (1933-2017)
It is with sadness that we inform you that André-Louis Perinetti, who served ITI by filling the position of the Secretary General of ITI for more than 15 years, passed away on 3 April. We will create a special ewsletter in his honour to be sent out beginning of May. If you would like to write a eulogy or a tribute to him that you wish to have published in the newsletter, please send it to: news(at) and jeanmarieperinetti(at) no later than 25 April 2017 to give time for the translation of the text into English or French.
Call for Participation in Intercultural Conference with the theme “Theatre Wars: Return of the Artist”
The Intercultural Theatre Institute of Singapore is holding their triennial Asian Intercultural Conference, which will take place from 27 to 30 November 2017, in Singapore. This year’s theme is “Theatre Wars: Return of the Artist”. To find out more about the >>list of topics please click here
and please >>click here to see the lineup of speakers.
>>The link to register is here. Enquiries can be sent to aic(at)
Fuad Al-Shatti – Posthumous Acknowledgement as Honorary Member of ITI
In tribute to Fuad Al-Shatti, in recognition of his years of service and commitment to ITI, the Honorary Member of ITI Certificate was given to his son, Ahmed Fuad Al-Shatti, during the inaugural Fuad Al-Shatti Theatre Forum, a conference with performances, organized by the Arab Theatre of Kuwait. The title was bestowed to him in 2013 by the Executive Council of ITI.