Conferences "How to bring Theatre to People"

How to bring theatre to the people and related questions such as what does it mean to bring theatre to people? Does it mean to educate the audience? Or does it mean to have the audience participate in a performance? And who are the people? What target group is envisioned? Babies? Children? Young Audiences? Seniors? Handicapped people? Men and women in prisons? Migrants? Indigenous people? The Elite? The intellectuals? The common people? Students? White collar people? Blue collar people? Villagers? And then we can ask ourselves: What kind of theatre? Traditional theatre? Experimental theatre? Innovative theatre? Amateur theatre? These questions will form the basis for a conference series on the theme “How to bring theatre to the people” that will include practitioners from around the world.

For further information, please contact:

CHEN Zhongwen, Director for Collaborations ITI, chen.zhongwen(at)