The World of Theatre

The World of Theatre is a series of publications initiated by the ITI Publications Committee in 1986. Since the beginning the publication was always presented at the ITI World Congress with its biannual or triannual report. The publication is an ongoing initiative of ITI, the Publications Committee, the Bangladesh Centre and the ITI Centres which contribute with their articles about the actual theatre / performing arts scene in their country. It is a publication that is of interest for performing arts practitioners, researchers, educators and students alike.

Thanks to the initiative of the Bangladesh Centre of ITI the books continues to be published as a book. The next book will be published and presented at the next ITI World Congress in 2017.

More Information
Alfira ARSLANOVA: alfira.arslanova(at), President of the ITI Publications Committee
Ramendu MAJUMDAR: ramendu(at), honorary president of the ITI Publications Committee, main editor of The World of Theatre
Babul BISWAS waterflowerbd(at), secretary general of the ITI Publications Committee