Music Theatre NOW Award

Since 2008 the Music Theatre NOW Network organizes a competition for first productions of new works, which were professionally created anywhere in the world.

From the 2015 Rules; ‘Whether works made by opera and theatre institutions, works created by festivals, works created by individuals - we are open to all forms of professional opera and music theatre which push boundaries. All kinds of works, which demonstrate a new development in the genre, be it in score, text and/or staging, can be entered. Additionally, singing does not necessarily have to be part of the production. Works by so-called non-academic composers and works without a written score may also be entered. The competition does not allow re-workings or reinterpretations of existing music, operas or music theatre works to be entered. Works such as these may not be submitted, with the exception of original musical compositions, which include samples.

Special attention will be given to works, whose musical and theatrical vocabulary originates outside of the Western European tradition. As a guideline for those regions in which categories such as music theatre or opera are not defined: all interdisciplinary work will be considered, where music plays a dominant role’.

The winners of the 2015 competition were invited to present their work at the Operadagen in Rotterdam, in 2016.

Worldwide Competition for Music Theatre and new Opera 2018

Music theatre productions which had premiered between July 2015 and June 2018 are eligible for the competition. Works, which were in development and performed in incomplete form before may also be submitted, as long as no version of the work was performed before 01 January 2012.

The Competition
Music Theatre NOW (MTNOW) is the premier competition for first productions of new works, which have been professionally created anywhere in the world. Since 2008 more than 1000 world premieres of new opera and music theatre have entered our competition to take part in our unique convention that brings together practitioners and presenters from across the globe. Former winners have staged their works at various festivals around the globe, such as Operadagen (Rotterdam), Prototype Festival (New York) or Shanghai International Contemporary Theatre Festival ACT. MTNOW has been a launchpad for several successful international careers. A jury of five internationally acclaimed music theatre professionals will select ten outstanding productions.

These ten winners will be invited to present their works in short lectures at the international convention of Music Theater NOW at the Operadagen festival in Rotterdam, in May 2019.

The deadline for submissions is 30 June 2018.

For further information visit the website of Music Theatre NOW where you also can subscribe to their newsletter.

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