Member Card

In the 1950’s, the ITI Member Card gave performing arts students and practitioners from all over the world access to live performing arts venues and festivals through reduced-rate or free tickets.
This membership card scheme is currently being re-launched in coordination with the 90 ITI Centres and Cooperating Members and their national performing arts presenters. The Member Card is available through ITI Centres and Cooperating Members. If you are interested in obtaining a card, please get in touch with your Centre, see the list of ITI Centres or the Cooperating Member, if you are an adherent of it.

You need to check with your country´s Centre or Cooperating Member about country-specific rules for selling/attributing the card. In most cases you must be an individual member of a Centre or a member of one of their member organizations and institutions.
If you are a performing arts student, you may ask your centre if there is a free student card or a discount for purchasing the card, if the card is for sale.

If you live in a country that has no ITI Centre or Cooperating Member, you can contact the General Secretariat of ITI for more information about the card at info(at)

The ITI Membership card is now in use in a lot of countries such as Austria, Bangladesh, Burkina Faso, Cameroon, Croatia, Cyprus, Denmark, Germany, Jamaica, Japan, Jordan, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Serbia, Slovenia, Sweden and Switzerland.

To get information about the advantages of the card in these countries, please get in touch with the ITI Centre of your country.

>>Rules and Guidelines for the Member Card