International Partner Organizations

AICT-IATC - International Association of Theatre Critics

AITA-IATA - International Amateur TheatreAssociation

AITU-IUTA - International University Theatre Association

ASSITEJ - International Association of Theatre for Children and Young People / ASSITEJ

ATI - Arab Theatre Institute

ETC - European Theatre Convention

FEDEC - European Federation of Professional Circus Schools

FIA - International Federation of Actors

FIRT-IFTR - International Federation for Theatre Research

IDEA - International Drama/Theatre & Education Association

IMC - International Music Council

INTiP - International Network of Theatre in Prison

OISTAT - Int‘l Organization of Scenographers, Theatre Architects and Technicians

SIBMAS - International Society of Libraries and Museums for the Performing Arts

Theatre Without Borders

UNIMA - International Puppeteers Union

WMO - World Mime Organization

WPI - Women Playwrights International

Women Playwrights International Organzation Profile

Partner Organizations in China

Shanghai Theatre Academy STA

630 Huashan Road, Jing'an, Shanghai
China 200040
Shanghai Theatre Academy is the main partner of ITI in China.

China Theatre Association CTA

#1-Building32-B, Bei Sha Tan, Chaoyang District
Beijing/China, 100083

Central Academy of Drama Beijing

39 E Mianhua Hutong
Dongcheng, Beijing, China
Tel : +86 10 6401 3688

International Stage Art Network iSTAN

c/o The Central Academy of Drama
4 Hongfu Road, Changping District
Beijing / China 102209

Modern Drama Valley

#9-402 Tong Le Fang, Yuyao Road, Jing’an